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Some of the Most Positively Represented Female Video Game Characters

By LuNa Huynh Mar 29, 2024

10 Sheik and Zelda

Ocarina of Time, a Legend of Zelda game

Considering her humble beginnings in the series, Zelda has gone a long way—not to mention the fact that the games are named after her instead of the protagonist, Link. After coming across as a kind of a stereotypical damsel in distress type in prior games, Zelda’s strategy changed significantly in Ocarina of Time. Assuming the seemingly masculine persona of Sheik, a lone survivor of the Sheikah clan, she was entirely unrecognizable as she brought assistance to an otherwise blissfully unaware Link. By assuming the persona of a fierce young pirate who, once upon a time,

9 April A. Ryan

An Enduring Voyage

Despite her initial appearance in her underwear in a dream (regardless of the low quality of the visuals at the time), April is generally depicted in a good and realistic light. Despite the genre’s usual sluggishness, the sardonic observations of a regular art student who finds herself unexpectedly entangled in the fantastical realm of Arcadia help speed things up. Dreamfall, the sequel to The Longest Journey, features an April who, for some reason (I mean, she renames herself Raven, for Mary Sue’s sake), becomes almost overly glum and moody, which causes the character to lose a significant chunk of her initial likeability.

8 Crown Princess Hildegard

Hilde stands out among the Soul series’ female characters for being one of the few who avoid being sexualized. She is courageous, powerful, and ethical, and she does everything it takes to protect her family’s reputation. Her armor serves a functional purpose, and her alternate attire, a dress that is less utilitarian but nonetheless good and lovely, is an added bonus. I suppose that just goes to show that having all the goods on display isn’t the only way to build sex appeal (that, or he got bored with all the breasts), because director Katsutoshi Sasaki characterized Hilde as the “most alluring” female character in the game.

7 Dear Lara Croft

Miss Croft is someone about whom I feel conflicted. One may argue that she was one of the earliest major female heroines. On the flip side, she quickly became sexualized, showing up in a variety of naked states in a plethora of modern video game magazines and more. However, designer Toby Gard supposedly sought to challenge the traditional portrayal of women at the time by drawing inspiration from characters like Tank Girl, which apparently served as an early inspiration for Lara. Lara deserves to be here since she was the catalyst for more female characters in video games. Her ways are unarguable because she is powerful, smart, and formidable. Also, Dude Nukem Forever, take a bow; the forthcoming Tomb Raider reboot will feature Lara in a more realistic light than in previous games.

6 Aran Samus

Those Metroid games

Taking a cue from Ridley Scott’s 1979 picture Alien, creators in the Metroid series made the protagonist a woman as an afterthought. Being a former soldier and bounty hunter, she normally wears a cumbersome suit of power armor (certainly not a very attractive outfit), and she is more than capable of handling any challenge that comes her way (power ups being applied, of course). But ever from the very first game, there’s been a history of giving players photos of a naked Samus as a prize for finishing the game. It’s degrading, to say the least.

5 Shepard, the commander

The Mass Effect RPG

For the simple reason that rescuing the cosmos is no lightweight task. Although the majority of Mass Effect promotional materials feature the male version of Shepard, many consider femShep, as she is fondly known, to be much better. Even death can’t stand in the way of Jane Shepard, voiced by the legendary Jennifer Hale. She is every bit as capable as the male lead. Although BioWare deserves some credit for trying to be fair, it’s frustrating that the male version of Shepard is practically the only one used and is commonly accepted as canon.

4 Jade was

Jade, the protagonist, was undoubtedly undervalued as Beyond Good & Evil was, regrettably, pretty ignored after its initial release. She joins a resistance movement to fight against a corrupt and brutal military regime after taking a job as a photojournalist to help maintain her guardian Pey’j’s orphanage. As a skilled martial artist and athlete, Jade is unstoppable in her pursuit of justice; anybody dares to oppose her would likely receive a staff blow.

3 Jenny Tate

The fighter Jennifer “Jen” Tate is voiced by Hudson Leick, who is also known as Callisto from Xena: Warrior Princess. She has spent her childhood in a series of foster homes and is now working as a waitress to put money up for college. Tragically, a servant of Abaddon—the essence of chaos—kidnaps Jen’s boyfriend Lewis, and it is up to Jen to rescue him and her world from this imminent doom. Jen has good intentions, despite her cynicism and short fuse. Jen is believable and endearing because to the game’s script, which manages to avoid stereotyping strong women while still expressing true feelings (plus, it’s refreshing to have a female protagonist save her guy, rather than the other way around).

2 Above all

Snake Eater, Book 3 of Metal Gear Solid

Famous for her unisex name, “The Boss” is a renowned US soldier who is sometimes recognized as “the mother” of the US special forces and is popularly believed to have founded and led the Cobra squad. The Boss, who was said to be the game’s antagonist, possessed an unmatched level of strength, depth of character, and honor. Despite being pregnant, she continued to serve on the battlefield, unafraid of the scrutiny she would receive from her boss. Even after her death, Big Boss continued to talk about how killing his mentor felt like killing a piece of himself because of how much of an impact she had on the game’s characters.

1 Vanesska Alyx

Dual-Shock 2

Alyx is a strong, capable, and realistically depicted lady who is independent without being pushy. Although she is competent in hacking and engineering and can hold her own in combat, the Half-Life 2 sequences in which she is your co-op partner are rarely as frustrating as those involving other characters (I won’t mention names because I might lose control). Anyone at Ravenholm (or anyplace else) would be lucky to have Alyx’s support because she is cheerful, clever, and well-dressed. Furthermore, one of the most impressive robotic protagonists to make an appearance in recent video games is Dog—who Alyx transformed from his diminutive three-foot form into the gigantic monster he is now. Rolling mines for a game of fetch? Sure thing.

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