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Top 10 Greatest Ways to Cut Costs

By LuNa Huynh Feb 2, 2024

1. Make use of condoms

Being pregnant requires a lot of accountability. You require money only to meet your child’s requirements. You require food, clothing, housing, and other necessities. You can be protected from both of them and STDs by this item. The costs associated with hospital stays and medications make STDs a significant issue as well. It costs a great deal of money.

The smartest person in the planet is whoever wrote this topic. By lowering population, people should use it not just to save money but also for the good of themselves and their nation.

Condom => Childless => Stress-free => A healthy life equals no medical advancements, no population growth, a beautiful world for peaceful living, and full pleasure of life.

2. Give up smoking

Give up smoking and fight off any cravings for cigarettes. Spending money on cigarettes is not only foolish but also highly detrimental. The uncle of my father used to smoke two packs of cigarettes every day. Can you picture that? Later on, around ten years ago, he passed away from lung cancer. Of course, everyone already knows this, but if you are addicted to smoking and unable to give it up, please see a therapist. You are unable to quit once you begin.

You are correct, the user who mentioned financial suicide. It’s immature for people to smoke when they’re anxious or attempting to be cool!

I’ve never heard of a more senseless way to waste money than smoking. Remarkably unhealthy, yet daily sales continue to occur.

3. Cut your expenses

Yes, I could have voted for “use condoms,” but I’m not going to since the message in the first place is so absurd and humorous. It is practically an investment in and of itself to raise children; it is expensive. I voted for “reduce your bills” because I believe that this is the most cost-effective option. You can choose not to have children, and in America today, the issue with those who lack financial literacy is more prevalent than that of those who choose to have unwanted children. Sure, that might not be the case for everyone, kids do have experiences, and there is a good reason to use condoms, but some people really need to stop talking so much and start treating their money with more respect.

Inquire with your service providers about any unlisted discounts or bundled services that may help you save money.

Make whatever you’re paying for last longer by paying it down. Give up on the Joneses—they are impoverished!

4. Reuse things

This is something my Asian mother does all the time. She gathers plastic grocery bags, washes plastic jars and tin cans and uses them as storage containers, repurposes plastic water bottles and lunchboxes, and utilizes cardboard boxes as storage.

Don’t throw away anything you recently purchased just because you used them once and didn’t like them. You may attempt turning them into items that you will probably use and that you can wear in a way that no one else at your school does. It’s kind of cool, huh?

The best method to save money is to do this. Bonus points if you can craft, in my opinion. I use a cardboard box that is ten years old as a table, therefore I don’t think a desk is necessary, not even for a laptop.

5. Abstain from alcohol

This implies, in my opinion, that you should cut back on your alcohol use significantly. Avoid overindulging in alcohol as you can find yourself regularly visiting the store to get wine or beer.

Alcohol is really useless; it tastes bad, dehydrates you, and weakens your body.

As a result, I neither drink alcohol nor find it enjoyable!

6. Avoid impulsive purchases

Yes, that’s right. Buying as if everything is at stake. Along with theft and reckless driving, this crime is too often committed by people without consequence. Let’s picture this circumstance. A customer visits a clothes retailer. The customer purchases clothing for hundreds of dollars. The consumer said farewell to their money. The cash register, sometimes known as the prison of capitalism, is where money is kept. The customer is happy with what she bought. What she purchased doesn’t appeal to her. This is where the “Big Boss Man” himself, Mr. Store Policy, appears as everyone’s nemesis. “Due to the nature of the items you purchased, we cannot accept returns.” The customer wants her money returned. Do yourself a favor, ladies and gentlemen, and avoid becoming like the woman in the photo on your left. I’m grateful; have a good day.

Yes, I concur. Unlike what is now at the top of the list, this is something that has been carefully considered. Cooking is more enjoyable, healthier, and less expensive than eating out every day. Additionally, avoid buying something if you don’t need it.

7. Take on independent work

Working for yourself will greatly benefit you, but you must consider your character, attitude, level of motivation, and interpersonal interactions. Not every person who starts their own business succeeds; those that do are mostly chosen by their work style and attitude.

After I graduate, I hope to work as a salesperson. I would hire builders to build a store with four times the size and other places. I would also launch my own business and build a website where I could include prices and product IDs for technology, personalized food, and anything else that isn’t against the law. In addition, I would employ managers, security, guards, designers, artists, workers, and other 14 positions. Security cameras would also be installed in my company.

By working for ourselves, we can raise our credit score and use that money to buy gifts for ourselves.

8. Online commerce

Items that you no longer need or haven’t used for a long period may be sold. But since I’m just 13, I can’t sell online on my own. Instead of selling it on Amazon, try selling it on eBay since they misrepresent it as a handcrafted item that hasn’t been formally launched. Additionally, don’t overcharge the item by more than $500. Put the NICE PRICE on it.
Recognize the closing joke. It is a nod to the 1980s Columbia sticker.

But doesn’t bidding get really hectic?

I thus don’t sell anything online and don’t trust crooks!

9. Store it at the bank.

Place your money in a bank and let interest to accrue. CDs are very popular at the moment. Interest rate fluctuations could cause it to alter in the near future, but at least you have a fixed rate. The stock exchange is rigged. Don’t trust the garbage that is advertised on TV, the internet, etc. With these “financial advisors,” who primarily spend their days sitting behind desks staring at computer screens, they hope to take advantage of every individual for financial gain. It’s a farce. The stock market has a great deal of peaks and valleys since it is a fear-based entity.

The best way to save money is right there. Invest it and place it in a bank to allow it to grow over time. In this manner, you will always have cash on hand for unforeseen circumstances.

The best method to “save” money is, well, to save. Why is this the final choice? That query also explains why Americans spend too much and save too little. Do you have an emergency fund of three months’ worth of income? Do you have emergency funds set aside for medical expenses? If not, cut back on your expenditures and start saving.

10. Cut the cord.

Since I switched to streaming, I no longer watch cable television, and the majority of TV shows now have an average of fewer than one million viewers per episode. Check out some free TV. I find it intriguing to investigate.

Connectivity You squander time watching television because of the obnoxious advertising. Why put yourself through that? Not only is cable a waste of money, but it also wastes lives!

When OTA offers at least 50 Networks for free, why even pay for cable? Some networks even offer original programming—Bounce, for instance.

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