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Top 10 Ideas That the Average Person Has No Idea How to Implement

By LuNa Huynh Feb 22, 2024

1 Love

Because the concept of love includes its polar opposite, “hate,” it is difficult to grasp. No one can truly understand love if they have never experienced it firsthand. However, when that day arrives, someone who has loved or been loved will know the true worth of love since they will have experienced its polar opposite. You can’t understand the value of love or its absence unless you’ve experienced its polar opposite. When you know what hate is and how it works, you will have a better grasp of love.

Thinking about this word always seems a little strange to me because I don’t really associate it with anything. Even though I’m an asexual aromantic, my family and I don’t get along.

True love between two people is the strongest and most wonderful emotion a human being can experience.

2 Evasion

Look, according to Calvin’s dad, “You were a Blue Light Special at K-Mart, almost as good, and a lot cheaper.” No, we grow in perspective and our understanding of people as we go through life’s endless loops. Still, it’s only a brief summary of all the blurbs.

Take a peek at the world as it was before, when there were gods and tranquility. Yes, exactly.

3 Demise

This is the kind of thing you can’t possibly grasp until you’ve been through it or seen someone else go through it. As we come to terms with the world and the significance of our life here on Earth, coming to terms with mortality is a lot like growing up.

To die is not a terrible thing. This helps alleviate people’s suffering. The spirits of the departed go on living among us. Watching from the stars, gaurding us. Although they are unable to engage in direct combat with humans, they nevertheless share in our joys and sorrows.

Death does not matter, said Epicurus. There is no such thing as death so long as we remain here, and once death comes, we depart.

4 Art

Art is a way for people to communicate and express themselves. Lovers and haters will always exist among those who share their views on daily life through writing or speech. Art is no different. Expressions of art can evoke strong feelings in people. Things that make perfect sense to some people might not to others at all.

Nicki Minaj, deadmau5, and another JB are on the way. That much is certain. However, Chopin, Mozart, and the Vinci will never be repeated. Because of the profound cultural effect they had, they will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce in our lifetime. I call that art.

Someone once asked, “Where does an artist’s heart come from?” Please tell me where we get the creative spirit. Could you tell me how it turns out? So much is either different or misunderstood.

5 Elegance

The concept of beauty is both relative and subjective. Some people find beautiful things, while others find them ugly, and vice versa. It is a common misconception that beauty is inherently beneficial and useful in the real world. This is true of many ideas, including art, the idea that a good deed is both good and beautiful, and many more. The concept of beauty is purely idealistic and lacks any basis in reality. For that reason, answering the question “What is beauty?” can be a real challenge.

This is a wonderful list, and I will try my best to capture the essence of beauty in my writing. No matter what I draw—pain, anguish, wrath—it will always be what I find beautiful. I am at a loss for words to express or comprehend beauty because it is both complex and intangible.

You are only as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outer. Rather than focusing on things that will be useful in the future, we 2015 youths are too busy worrying about how we seem.

6 Trust

Belief in another person’s reliability is based on first impressions. After we kick them, the monster’s scent lingers, making the dogs distrustful of us. The scent of those who have wronged us in the past would be comforting.

My family members must figure out how to have faith in me.

7 Companionship

Many individuals fail to appreciate the value of friendship. It’s heartbreaking. Because of how much I’ve depended on my buddies, I can’t fathom a world without them. I have friends who are there for me when I need them, who I can relate to, who are the nicest people I’ve ever met, who can make me laugh no matter what, and so on. I have seen many so-called friend situations in my role as an observer. I’ve witnessed numerous examples of the typical homework buddy right here. I just want to emphasize one thing: if you rely on a buddy for material things, you aren’t being a true friend. You can’t call a buddy genuine if you constantly put them in a box when you don’t need their assistance with anything non-materialistic.

We joke around with stealing hats and books from the people we call friends, tormenting them, and taking their friendship for granted. This falls under the category of trust, which is influenced by human nature and outward appearances…

8 The Boundaries Let Us Know

In the blink of an eye, we push ourselves to boundaries we’ve never dared to tread before, yet in doing so, we run the danger of ruining everything that came before. We can’t hope to comprehend anything beyond what we’ve already learned from our life experiences.

Surprisingly, my limitations

9 Pains

A painful sensation is one that makes you feel the pressure or emotion of the original painful situation even more acutely. We need to pause and take stock of our limitations; this is a warning. To protect ourselves from suffering, we need to comprehend what it’s like to be in agony. You can’t afford to take too many chances.

10 Gods

Believers often use God as a wish well, praying only to obtain what they want. They fail to grasp that our ultimate goal is to adore God and bring him glory through our words and deeds.

My god, this is really insane.
But have you ever seen a demon and heard what you took to be God’s voice?


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