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Top 10 Resolutions for the New Year

By Trang Nguyen Feb 1, 2024

1 Live Life to the Fullest

I believe that many people overlook doing this. Most people utterly forget what it was like to be young, alive, and to have fun once they reach their mid-20s.

Live life to the fullest! Refrain from letting negativity, work, and worry drag you down! You will have a better time on Earth if you can connect with your inner spirit animal!

I make an effort to live life to the fullest, despite the fact that unpleasant things do occasionally happen to me, but I believe that everyone experiences this.

2 Drop A Pound

Yes. I’m debating whether or not I should reduce my weight. My stomach seems a little bit obese. I asked a few of my friends and family members whether they had ever noticed anything unusual about my stomach, and these were their responses.
My parents: No way! You’re not even fat.
You’re not fat, my aunt says!
Uncle: You don’t appear obese. No requirement to reduce weight
You’re fairly thin, say a few of my friends. There’s no need to appear overweight.

However, everyone is OK without chocolate. It might last a week, but every time you see a galaxy bar in the news agents, you invariably shatter it by laughing aloud.

The majority of you agree with my thoughts. Ha Ha Ha

3 Acquire Novel Knowledge

I’m having so much fun learning Swedish. Taking up language study is the finest course of action. It is enjoyable and may encourage others to pick up a language as well. You can also interact with others more. It is undoubtedly going to spark some discussion.

Continue pushing the mind by learning new abilities.

4 Get in Shape

It’s my year to become in shape. Boost your muscle mass, burn fat, and define your abs. It’s day three, and I’m doing fantastic so far.

You feel more capable of tackling the remaining items on the list when you’re in shape.

I’ve shed about two stone, and more girls are talking to me and liking me.

5 Assist Others

Let’s stop being so self-centered and help people who are in need. It’s the American way.

6 Give Up Smoking

Although I don’t smoke, I believe it’s crucial to make an effort to stop. Smoking kills people, and cigarettes have an awful odor:( and it causes harm to other people. Please make an effort to stop smoking!

Really, folks, you shouldn’t smoke. It’s illogical!

It still hasn’t occurred.

7 Organize Yourself

It’s always possible to get more organized.

I must organize myself.

If I continue to be organized, I might receive a tablet or laptop, so keep up the excellent work.

8 Fall in Love

9 Become Less Uncoordinated

10 Draw Nearer to God

Why people do not want to be near your father and savior is beyond me!? He gave his life in order to save everyone, including you and me. Words cannot express how much God loves each and every one of you. I just love him, regardless of what others think of him; he is my Lord!

Definitely the best course of action is this. As you endeavor to conduct your life in a way that makes God happy, you will experience happiness, enjoy life more, and improve the lives of others.

When I saw this one, I had to vote for it even though I was originally going to vote for “Enjoy Life More“!
I did, in fact, come up with this resolution!

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