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Top 10 The Best Software for Managing Knowledge in 2022

By Apr 3, 2024

1 Document Management System

When it comes to knowledge bases, Document360 is the master. Even customers without experience with customer care systems should be able to use the powerful yet intuitive Markdown editor that comes with the software to understand the lingo used in user documentation.

You should expect to revise and add to your knowledge base articles frequently as your business develops and expands. Document360 makes it simple to track who made what revisions and view the changes side by side.

Document360 is a great tool for analytics as well.A quick search will reveal which articles are getting the most views and engagement. Using this information, you can see which articles are doing well in terms of search engine optimization and which ones need frequent updates.Go To Webpage

2 Crunch

With HelpCrunch, you can address the needs of both small and large businesses with its flexible and user-friendly interface.

With its built-in chat feature, it’s a great platform for individuals just starting out in customer service management.

With HelpCrunch’s helpful SEO optimization panel, you can enhance your posts’ search engine rankings for specific terms by adding tags and metadata.Go To Webpage

3 Nuclino also

When it comes to internal communication and teamwork, Nuclino is the place to be. The minimalistic design prioritizes the essentials: a straightforward interface, a frictionless editing experience, and a fast, reliable search.

With Nuclino, team members can make real-time edits to any piece of content, and the system will immediately store all of those changes to the version history, eliminating the possibility of version conflicts. By integrating with more than 25 apps, you can add dynamic media embeds like videos, maps, slideshows, spreadsheets, and more to your knowledge base.Go To Webpage

4 Success for 4ProProfs

With ProProfs, you can build an internal and external knowledge base, a documentation platform, and a help desk all in one.

Partnership and integration are pillars of ProProfs policy.In addition to their own chat and helpdesk software packages, they also have solid connectors with other customer care systems like Zendesk and Freshdesk.

5 Flou

In addition to managing knowledge, Flowlu also facilitates project management, collaboration, and customer relationship management.

Designed to resemble a Kanban board, the interface is built around cards, rather than the encyclopaedic approach of most databases.

They have also anticipated the idea of knowledge transmission as a positive feature. All of the little tricks and tips that an employee has picked up over the years usually go the moment they leave the company, and the new hire has a long way to go before they can catch up.

6 Retetra

One such internal database that isn’t touted as part of a larger CRM is Tettra. Based on their website, it is evident that they were created by individuals that have practical knowledge management requirements.

7 What is the 7Bitrix24?

When it comes to knowledge management, Bitrix24 is mostly a platform for collaboration.

The fact that it’s cheap (up to 12 users can use it for free) is its biggest selling point.

8 Intercom

Another customer relationship management (CRM) solution with knowledge management capabilities is Intercom.

You have the option to integrate the knowledge base with automated client chat. Imagine for a second that your support staff is either not in the office or that a question comes in when they are all asleep. By analyzing the user’s query, the automated message service can provide a set of relevant knowledge base entries.

9 Woho Desk

Designed for customer-centric businesses that handle a high volume of queries, Zoho is a feature-rich CRM.

By integrating a knowledge base with a ticket management system, their Zoho Desk platform ensures that customers receive quick responses and that everyone is satisfied, as automatically as possible.

10 Helprace

Helprace is an easy-to-use knowledge base solution that prioritizes the comfort of your employees and end users alike.

Article recommendations are one of its few distinctive qualities. Rather than a traditional table of contents, readers will notice a list of related articles on the article’s side. In the event that you publish an identical new article, the “related” portion of all previously published articles will be instantly updated to reflect the new content.

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