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Top 10 The Characters in Resident Evil

By LuNa Huynh Apr 3, 2024

1 Leon

Some may claim that Leon’s fame is directly attributable to his role in RE4, but even if that’s true, there are plenty other factors at play, as there are with any popular game. Popular games like RE4 don’t become so for nothing.

To begin, Leon exemplifies the ideal protagonist because he never looks to be either too strong or too weak. When fighting, he seems cunning but not unbeatable. His predicament is tailor-made for horror combat games, in which the player’s skill determines whether he falls or rises.

One could even say he represents the franchise. Many people’s imaginations immediately go to Leon once the name Resident Evil is brought up.

2 Valentine jill

The fictitious character Jill Valentine made her debut in the 1996 Resident Evil game as one of two playable characters; she later starred in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and was introduced to the world of Resident Evil in subsequent installments.

When it comes to action games, Jill Valentine is a prime example of a strong female protagonist. Most players find female heroines fantastic, and she has that quality because she is a fierce girl. Despite her intelligence, determination, and strength, she maintains her feminine side. She is still a lovely woman despite her naiveté and vulnerability. When it comes to zombie shooting, she isn’t your average sexygirl. There’s no stopping her now that she’s prepared!

She exudes confidence without resorting to disheveled attire, cropped hair, or irritated skin. Reason being, she is already one!

3 Redfield, Chris

Although I have a soft spot for all of the RE characters, my favorite is Chris Redfield. He was instrumental in the franchise’s meteoric rise to fame. Chris is essential to the existence of Leon, Ada, Claire, Carlos, and everyone else. The success of the original RE game was due in large part to Chris and Jill; as a result, the developers chose to create a plethora of related games, spin-offs, backstories, and even prequels. The original RE heroes deserve more appreciation, so please!

If you ask me, Chris Redfield is the best game character of all time. Within the context of the game’s plot, he has accomplished the finest amount. I mean, he rejected Umbrella, eliminated Al, eliminated the Veltro threat, etc. A lot of people find motivation in his incredible physical condition. Like many others, I started working out regularly after playing RE 5. This game is really important to me because I played it as a child.

That doesn’t mean LSK isn’t deserving of his current position; it just means CR is head and shoulders above the others. Doping is occurring with LSK if CR is using steroids. I mean, he’s constantly on the go, running and parkouring. Reeks of doping to me. No, seriously, I despise the men who make such comparisons. Everything is CR-related!

4 Marcel Wesker

The series wouldn’t have been what it is now without the great villain that helped sell it. There will always be those heroes that fit the mold, like Chris Redfield, who utter the most inane things and are tasked with stopping the villain (aside from his biceps, of course). They were able to give developers more leeway in portraying villains (like the Joker or the Far Cry villain) and still they managed to make Wesker look and act terrific (holy cow). His extraordinary abilities stemmed from his exceptional genetic makeup.

Despite my distaste for his demise (the game’s finale), I invariably choose his character in Mercenaries matches with my buddies on RE5. I get great joy in annoying them with his incessant voice spamming (come on, come on, come on).

5 Claire Redfield

I absolutely love Claire! She went from being a cool college student with weapons training who was prepared to sacrifice everything to locate her brother Chris, a police officer, in a zombie-infested metropolis (where she made some friends), to an activist who now helps victims of bio-warfare. Why wouldn’t you enjoy it? In addition, Code Veronica was a nightmare. Excellent choice of outerwear, Claire!

Honestly, I used to enjoy Jill more as a kid because to RE3 (though Nemesis is awesome, too), but now that I’m older, I think Claire is the superior character. Because of all the alterations they made to Jill, I still don’t fully understand her character. Perfectly matched!

6 Ada Wong

A fictitious character in Capcom’s Resident Evil horror series is Ada Wong. She is an enigmatic and conflicted antihero who serves both the series’ villains and protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy.

She’s the most amazing female character in the whole franchise; she’s smart, beautiful, naughty, and crafty all at once. Concerning a completely unrelated matter, I kindly request that Capcom ensure that Leon will not be able to catch her escaping from him in the upcoming game. After twenty years of chasing each other, they are due a happy ending.

Ada Wong is the greatest, in my opinion, for reasons beyond her extraordinary personality and the fact that she is stunningly gorgeous and outstanding from the outside. She’s out there on her own, she sees you even when you don’t, and she could pop out in front of you out of nowhere. We are all aware that Ada is Leon’s hidden sweetheart and that Leon is Ada’s secret admirer.

7 The Nivans 7-Piers

Without a doubt, Piers is the series’ most beloved protagonist. Actually, he is the unsung hero of Resident Evil 6, in my opinion. While Chris was losing his sanity, Leon was mindlessly slaughtering zombies, and Jake and Sherry were stranded in the facility, everyone yearned for a true hero. At the risk of his life, Piers walked up to the plate. While there have been heroes in previous Resident Evil games, Piers really stepped up to the plate and did his best to aid Chris when he was down and out.

8 Berry Barry

Could you please speak up? From his signature Magnum to his corny lines like “What IS this?!” any Resident Evil fan knows that Barry is a badass. In addition to providing some unintended comic relief, he saves Jill multiple times in RE1 and again in RE3, right before Raccoon is destroyed. In addition to being a doting father, he is willing to infuriate his coworkers to ensure their protection.

Barry is perfect. What an icon.

To put it simply, Barry is a hero. Despite the risk to his loved ones, he always chooses to do what is right. He deserves more praise than he gets. Wesker is the best villain ever, but my favorite character is Jill.

9 Muller Jake

Why people despise him is beyond me.

It was actually Albert Wesker’s son.

10 Deborah Chambers

From her very first appearance in RE, she swiftly became my waifu. She combines intelligence, charm, beauty, and a surprising amount of bravery in an incredible way. I fell in love with her because of her beautiful charisma.

Please, Capcom, create a new RE game with Rebecca if they notice this comment (which they probably won’t, but I’m still hopeful). Plus, instead of playing her as a supporting character like in RE 1 and REmake, make her the protagonist. Her absence is felt.

She appears feeble at first, but she soon shows that she can hold her own against the undead. In addition to being incredibly attractive (second only to Jill), she has even appeared in Resident Evil 0.

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