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Top 10 The Most Effective Rebuttals (Results)

By Tram Anh Mar 16, 2024

10. Bottoms Up Comeback

An English Comeback

American socialite Nancy Astor married into the affluent Astor family of England. She was the first woman to ever be elected to Parliament, which just adds to the sweetness of her humiliation. Despite receiving an invitation to a dinner party at the Churchill home in 1912, she was let down when she encountered an inebriated and politically incorrect Winston Churchill, much to her dismay. “Winston, if you were my husband, I’d put poison in your coffee,” she finally proclaimed. Despite her abrupt outburst, Churchill responded calmly and with considerable speed:

“Nancy, if you were my wife I’d drink it.”

9. Ready, Aim, Fire!

The Best Presidential Comeback

Image result for calvin coolidge i'm all for it

The next situation involves the 30th US president, Calvin Coolidge. He was a relatively quiet man and was known for his brevity, though the few words he had made quite an impression, especially with this wonderful comeback. After an after-dinner recital, an acclaimed and heavily respected opera singer was invited to the White House. But apparently performing for the president was quite a frightening experience and her performance left much to be desired. During the performance, one of the White Houses’s guests leaned over and whispered to Coolidge: “What do you think of the singer’s execution?” Coolidge calmly replied:

“I’m all for it.”

8. Well, you asked.

The Obvious Comeback

Certainly not wit, Mohandas Gandhi is more commonly linked with nonviolence and civil rights. If you read the following account, you’ll see that Gandhi might have won the conflict with little more than his words. Gandhi visited the British government in London after becoming famous for his efforts to get independence for colonial India. The British were incredibly interested in this peculiar tiny man, and Gandhi was continually interrogated by reporters and photographers. “What are your thoughts on Western civilization?” a reporter once asked. In a momentous occasion that would solidify Gandhi’s legacy, he responded:

“I think it would be a good idea.”

7. Keep Your Seats in an Upright Position

The “Greatest” Comeback

In the 1970s, Muhammad Ali flew with Eastern Airlines. While doing her final passenger checks, the flight attendant saw that Ali hadn’t buckled up. Ali responded with a rather haughty, “Superman don’t need no seat belt.” Despite her polite request, he refused. Despite the boxer’s notoriety, the flight attendant responded:

“Superman don’t need no airplane either.”

6. Smell You Later!

The Wildest and Best Comeback by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was well-known for his sharp mind and hilarious stage antics, but he had no trouble displaying them in real life either. Warm applause greeted Wilde as he returned to the stage following a performance of one of his plays. Although the audience enthusiastically cheered and showered the playwright with lovely flowers, one dissatisfied individual hurled a spoiled cabbage at him. With an expressionless face, Wilde took it up and responded:

“Thank you my friend. Every time I smell it, I shall be reminded of you.”

5. War of Words

This is America Comeback

Henry Ward Beecher was an abolitionist who liked to speak his mind. When the Civil War took its start, Beecher traveled throughout the US attempting to gather up support and favor for Lincoln and his Emancipation Proclamation. He said that the Union would beat the Confederates in sixty days during his travels; and when he made a trip to England, this was used against him. At that time, war was still a very sensitive topic among the British, due to the Americans winning the Revolutionary War. While he was speaking in Manchester, one hostile man cried out: “Why didn’t you whip the Confederates in sixty days, as you said you would?”
He hesitated only for a second, but then replied:

“Because we found we had Americans to fight this time, not Englishmen.”

4. Wake at Your Own Risk

Churchill’s Honest Comeback

Image result for “No, it’s purely voluntary.”

Winston Churchill makes this list again. In his early career, he was at a meeting and another member was giving a long-winded speech. Churchill began to close his eyes and fall asleep. At the sight of this, the member became visibly angry and shouted: “Mr. Churchill, must you fall asleep while I’m speaking?”  Instead of making attempts at an apology or a cover-up, Churchill simply replied:

“No, it’s purely voluntary.”

3. Face the Truth

The Best Self-Effacing Comeback

Abraham Lincoln was not the most attractive presidents but he was in a sense, almost fascinatingly ugly. During a debate, Lincoln was accused by his more hostile opponent of being two-faced. Lincoln managed to accomplish what few men have done before, he defended himself without insulting the other man, and even poked fun at a flaw of his all in the same sentence. Lincoln calmly turned to the crowd and said:

“If I had two faces, do you think I’d be wearing this one?”

2. The Ugly Truth

The Classic Comeback from the King of the Comebacks

Winston Churchill makes this list again for a third time, proving him to truly be one of the world’s wittiest people. Attending a party in London, Churchill once again was drunk and intoxicated. An obviously extremely astute woman from Parliament, like Nancy Astor (the first entry), apparently was irritated by Churchill’s mannerisms. When she finally had enough, she came up to him and yelled: “Winston, you’re drunk!” He may have been drunk but that apparently didn’t affect his cognitive functions as he merely replied:

“You’re right Bessie, and you’re ugly. But tomorrow morning, I’ll be sober.”

1. Properly Equipped

The Might-Not-Have-Happened Comeback

This last return requires no preamble or explanation. The grandeur of the interview extract can be understood by reading it oneself.

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: General Cosgrove, when these young men come to your base, what lessons do you plan to teach them?

COSGROVE, GENERAL: We’ll show them how to climb, paddle, shoot, and archery.

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