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Top 10 The Most Excessive Moments in Reality TV History – 2020

By Thao Pham Mar 11, 2024

10. Donkeys Run the Risk of Fear

NBC withdrew a “Fear Factor” show from air in early 2012 that featured participants being made to drink gallons of donkey urine and semen. Several of these shows regularly feature disgusting food or drink, but the networks or producers usually justify it by saying it’s a foreign delicacy. But drinking donkey pee and semen is definitely not that, so producers were understandably worried when images of the stunt surfaced and ultimately decided to pull it before it aired.’Fear Factor’ uploaded the episode on their YouTube account two years after it had originally shown, with the title “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!” The episode’s distribution was mainly through Danish television. Despite much dry retching, nostril clutching, and general pain, the twin competitors—who were up for $50,000—actually finished the repulsive trick.

“I say, in the real world, in a healthy society, you’re not supposed to eat animal , but guess what, here you have to eat animal if you want to win $50,000,” Joe Rogan, the show’s host, declared beforehand. Not only did NBC insist that candidates couldn’t talk to the media about it, but they also never publicly explained why they decided not to air or film it. That was the final episode of “Fear Factor” that NBC ever shot.

9. The Miriam Thing

Thinking back on the British Sky1 show “There’s Something About Miriam” fifteen years later, it’s hard to imagine it ever went ahead. Consistent with the format of “The Bachelorette,” the show featured six male contestants competing for the heart of female host Miriam Rivera. However, the candidates were in the dark about a shocking plot twist until the very end, but the spectators were aware of it. With that twist, Miriam was already transgender before the surgery. Even though she was born a woman, her penis remained.Miriam told the competitors this when she picked Tom Rooke as the winner. Rooke was taken aback, while the other competitors giggled at first. In light of the fact that the competitors had been deceived and that the show would depict them in a negative light, they decided to take legal action by suing to stop Sky1 from running the show. The episode premiered in 2004, and viewers were mostly critical, accusing the guys of taking advantage of transsexual individuals and misleading them for the purpose of a nasty reaction. They ultimately settled for an undisclosed amount, with some suggesting they each received as much as £500,000.

8. Cosmetic Surgery Horror Stories from The Swan

In keeping with its reputation as “the most sadistic reality series of the decade,” the early 2000s TV show ‘The Swan’ was a must-have for this list. The premise is borrowed from the children’s story “The Ugly Duckling,” in which one competitor undergoes a drastic makeover with the help of experts, including cosmetic surgery; one is eliminated weekly based on their progress; and at the end of the run, the winner is announced—the Swan. The film’s shallow message was a major point of criticism.This hideous idea, which was supposedly influenced by “body culture media,” obviously didn’t sit well with very many of the competitors. Lorrie Arias, a competitor from season two, has since suffered from bipolar disorder, lupus, and depression, all of which she says are caused by the show’s lack of follow-up after elimination.A number of her surgical problems have persisted. According to Arias, “it has all gone to absolute sh#t” after she underwent more surgery than any Swan in the show’s history. I am terrified to walk outside because I am a 300-pound disaster.

7. Pageant Moms Make Terrible Mistakes

In 2011, a three-year-old contestant on the American reality show “Toddlers And Tiaras” dressed as a prostitute at a pageant, which was already embarrassing for most people. Specifically, the mother of the three-year-old, Wendy Dickey, chose to dress her daughter Paisley like the prostitute Vivian Ward played by Julia Roberts in the 1990 film Pretty Woman.Unaware of the overt implications, young Paisley strutted around in a figure-hugging blue miniskirt, black boots that reached her thighs, a blonde wig, and a white top that exposed her waist.The show had previously dealt with criticism, such as a child copying Dolly Parton’s breast padding or smoking smokes, but this level of juvenile sexualization was unacceptable. A mother’s duty is to safeguard her child, according to ABC’s The View presenter Sherri Shepherd. If you believe that this show does not attract paedophiles, I possess a bridge that I would like to offer you.

6. The Near-Death Experience of Naked and Afraid

At the Reality Wanted Awards, Manu Toigo—the man from Naked and Afraid—had an interview. in 2014
Manu Toigo, a survivalist from Australia, had a near-death experience while filming an episode of “Naked And Afraid” for the Discovery Channel. The show challenges participants to live in extreme environments for 21 days. Dengue fever, a tropical disease spread by mosquito bites, could have been fatal for Toigo, but he survived the 21 days. Her symptoms, which included a high temperature, nosebleeds, and gum bleeding, became so severe that she became bedridden three days after finishing the challenge. As a result, she was sent to the hospital.The most dangerous kind of dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, was the diagnosis made for her in the hospital. She might not be here today if she hadn’t gotten to the hospital quickly enough, according to Toigo. After two weeks in the hospital, she spent months in physical therapy to get back on her feet. In spite of this, she went on to call it “the most epic experience I could have ever done” and made a triumphant return to “Naked And Afraid” in 2019.
A vaccine was made available a few years after the initial outbreak in 2013.[5]10 Horrifyingly True Scenes From “Reality TV”

5. Is It Hot?

An actual television programme titled “Are You Hot?: The Search for America’s Sexiest People” did exist in the past. Just like the title says, the premise was really basic and uninteresting. The contestants would take the stage, strut their stuff, flaunt their “hotness,” and have their physical attractiveness assessed by a panel of judges. Seems sort of simplistic? Yep.The 2003 series was unfortunately cancelled after only one season due to extremely low ratings, even though it aired during prime time, because fans did not really enjoy it. Looking back, it’s easy to have a negative impression of reality TV series from the early 2000s due to their lack of depth and inclusivity, but this one really stands out.The Turkey Slap from Big Brother [6]

4. Open up Updates on Big Brother in Ten Points Slap Turkey Six

The idea of a “turkey slap” is as repulsive as sexual assault. An Urban Dictionary definition for “to be slapped in one’s face, possibly other places, with a male’s penis” is provided in case you have never heard the term before.Regrettably, this happened on the reality TV social experiment “Big Brother,” in which participants are confined to a house and recorded continuously. A drunken event on the 2006 season of Australian Big Brother escalated from “blokey fun” into sexual assault, despite the prevalence of cameras. The perpetrators were two male competitors.Michael “Ashley” Cox smacked the face of female contestant Camilla Severi with his penis, while Michael “John” Bric pinned her down. Interestingly, the episode was shown on Big Brother’s Adults Only late-night programme. Amid the subsequent outcry, the late-night show was cancelled and the two were booted out of the house. Despite the lack of official accusations, Bric and Cox were subjected to public slurs and death threats, and the prime minister of Australia voiced her opinion that the performance should have been cancelled.

3. The repossession of a vehicle resulted in three gunshots.

An episode of “Repo Games” was filmed with a man facing attempted murder charges and a subsequent prison sentence after things went horribly wrong. The premise of the brief programme was that two repo guys would play a trivia game where the debtors of cars that were about to be repossessed had the opportunity to have the debt completely paid off by answering five questions correctly. The debt would be paid off if the owner got three right. The automobile would be towed away in such a case.Carlos Barron was not pleased with that during an episode in Las Vegas. To be clear, nobody from Repo Games showed up to Barron’s house or threatened to tow his car. While visiting a neighbour on the same street, Barron became furious because the team had parked a van in his driveway, blocking it. Consequently, he chose to face the team, became furious, and then opened fire at random. Barron opened fire on the crew’s van, causing them to flee the scene.Everyone was unharmed. As a result of the dismissal of some of the charges, Barron received a sentence of 90 days in county jail and five years of probation instead of the maximum 22 years in prison.

2. Two-Tip Cruel Bachelor’s Brilliance

The 2003–2004 season of “Boy Meets Boy” was Bravo’s only offering. The premise was identical to that of shows like “Joe Millionaire,” “The Bachelor,” and “The Bachelorette,” with the exception that the main character and all of the suitors were homosexual. The idea was praised at first for being inclusive, but it was later found out that half of the contestants weren’t gay. All they were doing was acting.The worst part was that it wasn’t until the very end of the series that Bachelor James Getzlaff found out about it. The plot thickened when it became clear that James stood to win a financial reward, a two-person vacation to New Zealand, and maybe even love (the show’s true purpose!) if he chose a compatible gay companion. However, if he went with a straight partner, he’d be left with nothing, while the man who managed to trick James would walk away with $25,000 in cash. Some viewers loved the twist despite the deceit, while others didn’t. Despite the show’s immense popularity, it was never renewed due to the plot twist, which made a return implausible.Just so you know, James did in fact choose a gay partner, but they broke up before they even left for New Zealand.

1. Survivor: Game Changers, Jeff Varner outs Zeke as a transgender person on Tribal Council S34E06 (1 of 4).

At Tribal Council in episode six of season 34, “American Survivor: Game Changers,” participant Jeff Varner made a terrible and disrespectful move by outing his tribemate Zeke Smith as transgender. That Zeke chose not to tell his tribemates about his gender at birth is entirely within his rights. Unfortunately, Jeff was attempting to desperately prove that Zeke wasn’t trustworthy by utilising his knowledge of that. As a result, he should have been voted out. “Why are you so afraid to come out as transgender?” he inquired.It was obvious to everyone watching how the other participants felt right away. The decision was severely misguided. Not only did host Jeff Probst scold Jeff for his insensitivity, but all the participants were outraged by it. What was most troubling was that Zeke remained silent, clearly devastated by the public disclosure that should have been left to him at his own pace and comfort level.Therefore, instead of the customary formal vote, host Jeff Probst opted to conduct an open roll call, and Varner was immediately eliminated with a score of 6-0. “It is inconceivable that anyone could ever justify what was done to Zeke,” Probst added afterwards.

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