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Top 10 The Most Misguided Funerals Ever

By LuNa Huynh Mar 11, 2024

10. That Video Is Wrong

Tragically, a car accident in Cardiff, Wales in 2016 claimed the lives of 33-year-old Simon Lewis and his newborn baby, who was also called Simon. Despite being in the passenger seat throughout the crash, Simon’s pregnant wife voiced her concern that anything was amiss with Simon Jr. The physicians immediately took her to the hospital and performed a caesarean section. The infant did not make it.The family was hoping to see the memorial film they had created for the father and son on the day of the funeral. You would have thought they were on the moon watching the memorial film because it was so out of sync with the actual performance. It is explicit, as you suspected.While the funeral home personnel worked out how to turn it off, the funeral assembly sat through four whole minutes of unedited pornography. “Some type of video came on and there was a very loud noise,” the ceremony’s Reverend recalled. What kind of sound did you hear, Rev?

It goes without saying that people were furious. Official investigations were initiated by funeral directors who were unable to comprehend the mechanism underlying the video changeover. The funeral home’s most plausible explanation was that the screen—a brand new Smart TV—had been inadvertently linked to a pornographic broadcast.Oh, I see.

9. Who Disappeared?

Julie Mott’s Video: The missing corpse trial included the introduction of a casket for display purposes.
In 2015, at the age of 25, Julie Mott lost away from cystic fibrosis. Her memorial service was conducted at San Antonio, Texas’s Mission Park North one week after her passing, on the verge of her 26th birthday. A stunning monument to a dynamic young woman, the memorial was a moving homage. She was to be cremated the following day, so staff moved her coffin to a holding chamber.That, however, did not occur.The following morning, when personnel arrived to collect the body and casket, they found that neither had been there. People were shocked and furious since there was no sign of a break-in, and I can’t say that I blame them.One of the two main suspects was Bill Willburn, who had dated Mott in the past. To put it bluntly, Mott was Willburn’s obsession. Plus, he hung around for a good ten to fifteen minutes after the memorial ceremony concluded, after everyone else had departed, acting suspiciously. Beyer and Beitel, the owners’ subcontractor, was the second person of interest. Suing for inadvertently mingling the bodies of two women just a few months prior, Beyer and Beitel already had a terrible reputation. Subcontractors were allowed unrestricted access to the site after hours.Given the circumstances surrounding the “burglary,” it was determined that the body was taken during the three hours spanning from the conclusion of the funeral service until Mission Park North’s closure. It is possible that one of the suspects is the one the investigators are seeking. However, the charges against Willburn, Beyer, and Beitel were all dropped.Unfortunately, Mott’s remains have never been found.

8. Far Away in a Rainbow…

Judy Garland, who portrayed Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” and Esther Smith in “Meet Me in St. Louis,” tragically passed away in 1969 from a cocaine overdose. Like they had done ever since she became a Hollywood legend, the nation lamented her passing. A gay icon, she was and is as well. Our perception of her is based on a great deal of cultural research. However, the simplistic generalisation holds that Garland had empathy for gay people’s pain and that the LGBT community as a whole could relate to her experiences. Once more, simplistic yet widely used. For the complete story, read this separate piece.In that case, how is it relevant to a funeral?Ignorant or not, the infamous New York City Stonewall Riots are often thought of by historians, history scholars, and Judy Garland fans as occurring at the same time as Garland’s death. According to them, the LGBTQAI+ movement got its start because people’s outrage at the police caused them to respond with violence, which in turn caused riots.Another possible explanation is that the LGBT community in New York City finally had enough of the prejudice and abuse they’d been receiving.Whatever the case may be, she passed away five days before to the start of the riots, and what started as a terrible thing went horribly right in the end.

7. Hey, Plagiarism Is Bad, Okay?

Plagiarism has real-life repercussions, and we’ve all heard the horror stories: failing grades, losing your job, and even suspension from school. In all candour, it’s not a very good strategy for getting around. Intellectual theft is just another tactic that a murderer could employ.Christopher Panayioutou murdered his wife and then gave a heartfelt eulogy in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015—a eulogy that was plagiarised. It was obvious at that point that nobody knew he was a killer.The truth of his actions, however, became apparent upon his arrest. The eulogy that Panayioutou delivered was really based on the one that Jennifer Atkins had previously delivered. Five years ago, Atkins—who had nothing to do with the diet—passed away.

6. Decline in Output

The esteemed patriarch of Tina Morales’s family was laid to rest in 2021 by the Los Angeles resident. Tragically, the funeral services were interrupted because the casket bottom gave way. Morales went ahead and filed a lawsuit, as we had anticipated.Universal Caskets, the maker, was expected by the family to handle her father’s remains with care, as stated in the complaint, and they had anticipated a solid and dependable casket. That was a complete bust because he, uh, fell out. Ariel Suarez, owner of Universal Caskets, denied selling Morales the casket and said he was unaware of the situation. Actually, he put the blame for the accident on what might have been a weight limit issue. It was hardly a dignified way for Morales to go into his tomb, and it is understandable that the episode upset him.

5. Even though what happens is absolutely disgusting

This video—which you have likely seen before—is actually one of the most humorous things to happen during a funeral on our list.Funeralgoers saw one of the symbolic doves hit by a big truck during the release ceremony, which was meant to symbolise the soul’s liberation after death.After the truck runs over the bird and kills it quickly, the mourners’ audible “oh!” can be heard in the footage. There is an uncomfortable hush after the ceremony as attendees stare at one another in shock.

4. Workplace Alcohol Use

In 2017, friends and relatives of 33-year-old Christina Gilbert arrived at the cemetery to pay their respects. The mourners were still hard at work excavating the grave when they got there. The fact that beer bottle caps were lying around the plot made matters worse.Upon discovering that the attendant had been drinking while on the job, friends and family removed him from his position and proceeded to dig the grave. The incident made Gilbert’s burial more sad and upsetting than anything else, even though they had hoped for a simple funeral. “Watch your sister’s coffin sit there… it’s not right,” says Heidi Lawson, Christina’s visibly distressed sister in the news clip. A few hours later, they were finally permitted to lay Christina to rest.

3. The Mysterious Hanging Coffins of China—A Discovery Channel Award-Winning Documentary on Runaway Caskets

A traditional Chinese burial went horribly wrong as the coffin plummeted down a steep mountainside. Several individuals below were struck by the casket as it subsequently toppled over. Mild to moderate injuries were sustained by three individuals.You may be wondering why the coffin was even making the ascent to the mountaintop.Zhen Yi, a practitioner of Feng Shui, claims that people intentionally choose rural locations for their graves. The mountain was the ideal setting, as luck would have it. There is a strong emphasis on honouring the dead in Chinese culture as well. It was a tragic event when the casket plummeted down the mountain. The on-site funeral personnel were not to blame when the coffin fell. The pully ropes broke.

2. Bring Me Along!

At a funeral, chaos ensues when the wife and cousins leap into the casket.
Many grieving relatives followed Hamlet’s example and jumped into the graves of their loved ones who had died, just as he had done with Ophelia. This happens all the time. It also has a way of making people laugh. The perpetrators, though, were not doing it for the chuckles, trust me.In this particular instance of jumping into the grave, three people made the decision to dive, which is different from other cases. While the preacher was continuing his lecture in Nakuru, Kenya, the wife and two cousins of the deceased leaped into the grave.Listen, I understand. Their sadness prevented them from doing it. They did it because they were unsure about whether or not to bury the corpse.On December 3, Edwin, the victim, was brutally murdered. The next day, the body of Edwin was found on a farm close to the residence of the person believed to be the killer. The family debated returning the body parts to the mortuary for additional analysis of his murder. Quite torn, in fact. There is unfiltered passion, demonstrations, and complete anarchy throughout the video. Attempts are made to retrieve the casket from the grave at one point.

1. Continuing on

At a wake, loved ones can say their last goodbyes to the dead, and if you’re anything like me, you can also confirm that the dead aren’t still living. Oh, I thought I heard a nose moving. No, alright.Nonetheless, it is a reality. People are mistakenly pronounced dead and then “brought back to life” at the funeral home without any attempts at resuscitation or anything. It is called Lazarus syndrome. On the other hand, this is more commonly done with the corpse in the mortuary than with the coffin at a wake. In most cases.After three days of extremely high fever, a Filipino girl of three years old was pronounced medically dead in 2014. And yet, it was during her wake when she awoke in her coffin! The presence of the attending physician verified her continued vitality. Unfortunately, the young girl did not live long after being able to return home with her parents that day.

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