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Top 10 The Most Unsettling Horror Stories From Creepypasta Celebrate Halloween

By Thao Pham Apr 2, 2024

10. Slimebeast’s “The Halloween Mask”

On Halloween night, a woman in her twenties instead of playing computer games, gives candy to ungrateful brats because she is bored. At eleven o’clock in the evening, she has finally lost all patience and all of her chocolates. As soon as she returns to the living room, she switches out the porch light, but a sudden knock on the door startsles her. Her front porch and the streets beyond are totally unoccupied when she opens it, which confuses her.

Just as she’s ready to shut the door, she discovers a white pumpkin Halloween mask—a present from someone. Thinking someone is playing a practical joke on her, she yells out that the mask is now hers, bangs the door, and carries it back to the living room.

The sound of another pounding on the door jolts her from her seat on the couch, and this time she recognizes it as the return of the child claiming his mask. On the storm door, she sees what appears to be a jack-o’-lantern drawn in dog poop as she walks past the sliding glass door. In her indignation and fury, she examines the strange graffiti more closely and detects the aroma of chocolate, not animal excrement.

As she gets closer to the front door, the sinking fear sets in: the powerful aroma of the chocolate is still lingering. Instead of being on the exterior of the glass, the rudimentary drawing is on the inside.

Christopher Howard Wolf, aka Slimebeast, penned this spooky fanfiction. He has written a number of comics in addition to his scary tales.

9. McCreepyPasta’s “Trick Or Treating”

Despite Abigail’s best efforts, her parents will not let her to go trick-or-treating on her own. Sean, her elder brother, agrees to accompany her on a night out in the hopes of snagging some sweets for himself.

Abigail starts to freak out as they make their way through the forest. Feeling irritated, Sean gives his sister permission to go home, but not before he demands a piece of candy. A knife, not a delicious treat, comes out of the little girl’s pail.

8. Eric Dodd’s “The Witches and the Circle”

A young man is relieved to have an abandoned house to retreat to when he wants to avoid dealing with his inebriated father. Chris, his best buddy, is appreciative of the same because he hasn’t been able to deal with the loss of his mother. After Chris and his friend decide to throw a Halloween party, he proposes include a seance in the agenda.

They continue to hand out sweets to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night until the streets are empty, the lights go out, and the bowls run dry. Pete, who is already too inebriated to take part in the seance, passes out on the couch.

In preparation for the seance, Chris forms two rings of salt: one around the circle of attendees and another in front of the hearth. Lighted candles. His companions eventually grasp how seriously Chris has been taking the whole thing when he cuts himself and bleeds into a bowl in the center of the circle.

The clan is interrupted mid-ritual by the sound of the doorbell. Sophia, one of the partygoers, opens the door and sees two young girls in witch costumes, their masks frighteningly lifelike. To use the restroom, the elder sister is asked if she may come inside.

7. MrCreepyPasta’s “The Masked Man”

For Halloween, a father who has recently divorced takes his son James, who is seven years old, to his new home on the outskirts of town. This is a rare opportunity for him to spend time with his son, as he seldom does so even on holidays. The father starts having unusual experiences with a stranger wearing a mask shortly into his visit.

In addition, he sees that his neighbor is going to extreme lengths to win the annual Halloween decorating contest by having the most horrific decorations. A ceramic dish of guts, several skulls, and bones protruding from the floor are just a few of the realistic decorations that have him standing in wonder.

The father passes a window one night and notices that something is looking at him. With its gaping maw and apparent set of fangs, this beast seems to swing in the breeze. As if searching for a spot to fix its sight, one eye wiggles around in its socket.

Over 921,000 people have subscribed to MrCreepyPasta’s YouTube channel, where he writes and narrates.

6. Night Terrors’ “Pumpkins”

Peter and Susan Anderson lead a relaxed life with their three kids. They decorate their front porch with a huge jack-o’-lantern that they carve every year, fill bowls with candy, and shop for costumes every Halloween. This year, they make a small adjustment—one they might not regret.

As the kids go out trick-or-treating, Peter stays home to get some work done. Susan, who is exhausted, puts the kids to bed and goes to bed for the night when his wife and children get home.To get everything done, Peter stays up late.

Peter starts to hear strange noises around one hour into the night. A little worried, but mostly unconcerned. Next, you’ll hear thuds. Three soft thuds reached the threshold. He keeps ignoring it because he thinks it’s an animal scratching at the wood.After a while of nonstop thudding, Peter takes out his revolver and unlocks the door. As soon as he closes the door, the thuds begin again, even though he doesn’t see anything.

Shortly after flinging open the door, Peter catches a sight of the monstrous beast that is about to devour his head as it sinks a claw into his neck. Upon waking up, Peter takes on an entirely new persona.

5. “The Last Trick or Treaters” written by J.A. Marshall

As a result of his advanced years, Harold is no longer able to handle trick-or-treaters. Seriously, they make zero effort! With barely the tiniest of kids making an attempt, the situation worsens year after year. Regardless, Harold faithfully follows protocol.

Two kids show up at his place later that night without any sort of disguise. He slams the door and shuts out the light, telling them to “wear some costumes,” since he is disgusted and scared.

Harold abandons his wife to distribute the treats the following year and locks himself in his study. The similar sequence plays out for the majority of the night, and Harold hears it through the study door; she finds the children adorable.

A jingle echoes from the entrance. “Catch me if you can!” The sound of laughing. Ringing the doorbell. “Catch me if you can!” The sound of laughing. Ringing the doorbell. The voice of his wife said, “Oh, what cute costumes!” Come on, step inside so I can see you clearly! Absolute quiet. A door that clicks shut. A hitch.

His face turns red as a flood of memories of the children he had slammed the door on last Halloween washes over him. It is clear that Harold has erred greatly.

4. LixianTV’s “Thanks” Halloween Horror Short

The animators from LixianTV are responsible for this Halloween-themed CreepyPasta, which they term “Liximation.” A little child who has spent Halloween night glued to horror flicks is the protagonist of this short tale.He attempts to lie down and sleep, but he’s still on edge from all the horrors he’s witnessed. However, he becomes so anxious in the dark that he switches on the lamp at his nightstand. Errorous move.

3. Mike W. Creepypasta’s “The End of All Hallows Eve”

At the age of twelve, you realize that trick-or-treating is over for you and that Halloween will never be the same again.

Stuart and his buddies are aware that they are maturing, but they choose to keep quiet about it. On the contrary, they leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, gathering sweets and savoring every moment. They hope to imprint in their minds the crisp night air, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, and the joyous children dash up and down the street in pursuit of their treats.

They finish by sitting down with their parents, who they then reward with chocolates and juice.

Andy starts behaving suspiciously, one of the lads. With his eyes closed and breathing heavily, he gazes at his candy pile. The other lads’ innocence is snatched away the second they look across at Andy.

2. Tom Farr’s “Abigail’s Run”

The mother, Abigail, and her daughter laid to rest in their backyard on October 31, 1691, a deformed and squalling baby. Everyone has since avoided “The Witches Draw” due to the widespread belief that it is haunted.

Brandon Knight is late to see his girlfriend Kathy on October 31, 2005. Just as he’s about to close the costume shop on time, two young mothers stroll in, spend twenty-five minutes perusing the selection, and ultimately decide to dress their children as witches.Salem witches. What a fresh idea.

Brandon has been tardy all day. In order to meet Kathy before she suspects he betrayed her, he is aware that he has just one option. Deciding to skip “The Witches Draw” in order to reduce his 45-minute drive to 25 minutes, he does so against his better judgment.

Brandon manages to squeeze himself through a wooden fence plank and ends himself on an empty lot. He makes his way across a cornfield and into a cornucopia of pumpkins adorned with macabre and unsettling carvings. He feels a pinprick of awareness as he makes his way into the alley.

Until he spots a jack-o’-lantern no bigger than a trash can, he continues on his way. He uses it as a springboard to climb upon it and peer over the fence.As he looks down, Brandon notices a flitting motion. All bony limbs and scuttling movements characterize the form, which is black and gangly. As soon as the creature raises one eye to stare at Brandon, Brandon loses control of his bladder, leaps from his perch, and charges headfirst into a cornfield. The beast is still close behind, and he’s making great strides.

1. Melanie Tem’s “Dhost”

A very crucial conversation is taking place on the phone between Corry, a three-year-old girl, and her grandmother. Following in her father’s footsteps, she intends to dress as a “dhost” for Halloween. Knowing that Corry’s father isn’t dead but rather incarcerated, her grandmother is perplexed by this development. “I saw my daddy,” Corry says, and she now wants to be a “dhost” like him.

The girl’s assertions go unnoticed by her mother and grandmother as first, but her mother becomes irritated when Corry continues to behave strangely and wear her costume after Thanksgiving.

She starts to vanish first. Suddenly, she’s not there; the next minute, she is. She keeps saying she ran away with her dad whenever her whereabouts are discovered. Her mother discovered her son Corry’s stunning curls had been shaved six inches short on one side one day. As her grandma labors to correct the mistake, she observes that Corry, who had a birthmark since he was a baby, is now completely devoid of it.


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