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Top 10 The Weirdest Mascots You Have Probably Never Heard Of

By Trang Nguyen Apr 1, 2024

10 Stanford Maple

The Farm’s sidelines have a new twist thanks to Stanford’s Tree.

The Stanford Tree could be considered the group’s official mascot. The city of Palo Alto uses a redwood tree in their logo, therefore the Tree actually represents the city. The fact that a tree appears on both the official seal of Stanford University and Palo Alto University further attests to the inseparability of the two places.

Since no one could agree on a single choice, the school mascot was never officially established. During their halftime performances around 1975, the band subtly introduced mascots that they believed would benefit the school. The band chose to retain The Stanford Tree due to the great reception it received.

The Stanford Tree is now an established tradition at other universities. Full Moon on the Quad is the name of one tradition. This practice originated in the 1800s. It was common practice for men in the senior class to kiss women in the freshman class and occasionally even exchange roses. Nowadays, the custom is essentially about kissing as many people as you can. At least a thousand kisses could land on the Stanford Tree that one night.

9 Blood Red

Blue Blob as featured on Wednesdays With Wanninger

Xavier University’s musketeer mascot, D’Artagnan, has been around since 1985. On the other hand, spirit squad supervisor Sally Watson was concerned that the swordsman would frighten children. Therefore, Sally set out to create a mascot that was friendlier and more endearing.

The Blue Blob has made appearances at sporting events and even two SportsCenter ads since his inception. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a backstory behind the Blue Blob, so a lot of pupils made up their own.

Therefore, to this day, we still don’t know what the Blue Blob is. The thing is, though; he is merely a blob. His blue fur and boundless energy make him a beloved character by adults as well. The mascot can lick fans with his two-foot-long tongue. Even products featuring the Blue Blob is available.

The candidate must fulfill one condition, however anyone can wear the Blue Blob outfit. It is impossible for the Blue Blob to tower over D’Artagnan. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit.

8 Shuffle 8Wu

Introducing the WuShock

R.J. Kirk, the football coach at Wichita State University (then known as Fairmount College), was in need of a name for the squad in 1904. For the Wheatshockers, R.J. made up his mind. As a result, a lot of football players had to resort to “shocking” wheat as a means of making ends meet.

Subsequently, it was abbreviated to Shockers. The university’s emblem was a plain shock of wheat until 1948. Wilbur Elsea, a junior in 1948, was chosen as the school’s spirit animal by the Kappa Pi honorary organization.

The student newspaper published an ad in October 1948 soliciting suggestions for a new school mascot. The idea for the name WuShock came from freshman Jack Kersting.

In 1954, however, a WU cheerleader and art department members finally got around to creating a three-dimensional version of the mascot, complete with a costume.

7 Unusual Fish Species

[Alert about Japan XD] The enigmatic mascot fish Major league baseball in Japan

There is a peculiar fish that goes by the name of “Mysterious Fish” in Japan. The Chiba Lotte Marines baseball club unveiled the mascot in May of 2017. The mascot’s origin story starts with a fisherman with fins. Nonetheless, a skeleton fish is just one of the many forms that the Fish unveils as the game progresses.

Since 2018, Hawaiian Airlines has collaborated with Mysterious Fish. This changed in 2021 when the actor portraying the role announced his retirement. The Fish would retire instead of having a fresh player take his place, which is a shame.

6 Okra in Conflict

The Fighting Okra’s “Don’t Get Smacked” music video

The mascots of Delta State University have never changed. Because of the significance of the school’s location to State Rep. Walter Sillers, Jr., the Statesman has served as the official mascot. But something happened in the 1980s that caused the student body to adopt a mascot, even if it wasn’t officially recognized.

A Statesman never struck fear into the hearts of the pupils. A group of college athletes, including baseball and basketball players, were hanging out in the dorm known as the “Court of Governors” one day. Houston Williamson, a basketball player, said that the Fighting Statesmen didn’t terrify anybody. The mascot’s temporary suspension from sporting activities following a physical clash with another mascot didn’t help matters either.

A mascot, according to Williamson and the rest of the gang, should be both green and vicious. Following this, there was a fruitful round of suggestions from the players. Okra was suggested by baseball pitcher Bob Black because of the fruit’s green color, fuzzy texture, and toughness. Midway through the 1990s, though, the Fighting Okra became the de facto mascot.

5 Show Off the Water Tower!

May 13, 2016, was the first game that Y’all Star the Water Tower, the mascot of the Florence Y’alls, hosted. The world-renown water tower in Florence, Kentucky served as the idea for this mascot.

Florence Mall was the original wording on the water tower when it was constructed in 1974. Something had to be done, nevertheless, because of the real Florence Mall’s location and the legal issues. In order to make it read “Florida Y’all,” the city decided to swap out the M on the water tower for a Y. Pretty soon, the water tower was recognized all over the area.

The Florence Freedom was the original name of the baseball club. The band rebranded in 2020 as Florence Y’Alls in homage to the nearby water tower.

4 Pie Scrumptious

The Dementia Revolution has Crusty the Pie as a member.

The 2019 season began with a primary school mascot competition hosted by Wigan Athletic, a professional association football (or soccer, if you prefer) team. The squad felt the moment had come to adopt a mascot after going without one for some time.

For the purpose of selecting a mascot for the team and inspiring local kids to unleash their imaginations, Wigan Athletic hosted the contest. Another benefit of the competition is that it would encourage the kids to be proactive. Evidently, everyone in Wigan likes pies, because most of the entries were designs for pies of some kind.

Cayden and Neve, two neighborhood kids, won and gave Crusty the Pie as a prize. Along with former England international Peter Reid, the kids were entrusted with the responsibility of presenting the mascot.

3 Kingsley

The Incredible Kingsley, Partick Thistle’s Mascot | A Year in the Life

David Shrigley created the monobrowed mascot Kingsley for the Patrick Thistle football team in Scotland. The issue is that nobody gets the character or understands his role. The unfortunate mascot has become known as the mascot that no one loves.

A sun with a single eyebrow and buck teeth makes this character appear. Kingsley has integrated into the group despite his unusual appearance. Outsiders and fans alike are vying for an autograph. Wearing the head, the man in the outfit, Jay McGhee, is able to conveniently hold his keys, water bottle, and phone.

Hey there!

2 Holy cow! to be honored with a spot in the Mascot Statuary

“Yippee” is the French translation of the name Youppi. The Montreal Canadiens (formerly the Montreal Expos) are the team that Youppi plays for. Furry and orange, the mascot wears a jersey number that looks like an exclamation point. Youppi first participated in a sporting event in 1979 and was a member of the squad until 2004.

Additionally, Youppi holds the distinction of being the inaugural mascot to be ejected from a Major League Baseball game. The mascot made a loud and forceful landing on the visitor’s dugout in the 11th inning of a game on August 23, 1989, during the season. Then Youppi sneaked into the front row. The mascot was later re-introduced to the game, although this time he was restricted to the dugout roof.

After a successful career in baseball, Youppi made the transition to the NHL in 2005. The end of 2019 saw the adorable orange character’s induction into the Mascot Hall of Fame. Youppi makes history as the first mascot from Canada to be honored in this way.

1 Phillie Addict

Funniest Moments with Phillie the Phanatic

Unlike most new mascots, Phillie Phanatic didn’t get a formal introduction. The Galapagos Islander simply stepped onto the field without making any sort of grand entrance. He was a gigantic, verdant, furry monster, and the onlookers couldn’t help but laugh at his antics.

The premiere of Phanatic was successful despite the lack of fanfare surrounding it. Ex-Phillies owner and current vice president Bill Giles first thought of the Phanatic while he was trying to attract families to games. He wanted a mascot similar to the San Diego Chicken.

When Bill Giles first wanted a new mascot, he went to Jim Henson, the man behind the Muppets. Nevertheless, Henson turned down the chance and instead gave it to Bonnie Erickson, the creator of Miss Piggy, Waldorf, and Statler.

To wear the costume for the first time was David Raymond. Things didn’t go according to plan on his first night in the role of the Phanatic. The spectators chortled as Raymond unintentionally tripped over a railing. As time went on, Raymond incorporated slapstick and falling gags into his performance.

Tom Burgoyne succeeded Phanatic in 1994. It was as if Burgoyne were born with the Phanatic’s personality and continued to develop it. Burgoyne started riding about on an ATV, making fun of the enemy while firing hot dogs from a cannon.

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