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Top 10 Unlikely Products You Probably Won’t Believe Exist

By LuNa Huynh Mar 29, 2024

10 Weezer’s Fake Mustache Set

A Proven Method for Putting on a Fake Mustache

Weezer is a band whose eccentric behavior never ceases to amaze, and their merchandise is no exception. The legendary alt-rock band released their album OK Human in 2021. In addition to the music, they also gave the world something incredibly strange. As part of their merchandising portfolio, Weezer unveiled a Fake Mustache Set, showcasing their iconic mustaches.

Logic dictates that no sane person would purchase this. It seems like a lot of fans did. Perhaps they aspired to embody the spirit of the band’s lead singer, Rivers Cuomo. Perhaps they merely wished to infuse their lives with a touch of whimsicality? The answer is unclear. That, though, is Weezer.

9 The Kiss Kasket

The KISS Coffin Revealed by Gene Simmons

When individuals say they would give their lives to see their favorite band perform live, it’s not always empty rhetoric. And if that describes you, and you are also a fan of KISS, then a KISS Kasket is just what you need. This isn’t your average cemetery; it wasn’t unveiled until 2001. With this, you may be sure that you will have a front-row seat to eternity in the afterlife. Obtain a casket adorned with the renowned likenesses of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and the rest of the illustrious KISS rock band.

There are some neat features to the KISS Kasket, says the hilarious Gene Simmons. For true KISS fans, it’s the perfect farewell, letting them rock and roll even beyond death. As an added bonus, it may be used to chill drinks. “It serves two purposes,” Simmons himself stated. Indulge in one more voyage with your beloved band. But while you’re here, sip on a frosty beverage.

Whether you’re dreaming of the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll forever or simply looking for a unique conversation starter at your next gathering, the KISS Kasket is here to add some additional magic to your life (and afterlife).

8 300 Leather Briefs from Sparta

Review of the Men’s Underwear Guy’s 300 Movie Spartan Leather Briefs

Ever wished you could get underwear based on a Gerard Butler flick? In fact, they have Spartan Leather Briefs that draw inspiration from the grand film 300. Briefs made of leather modeled after those worn by ancient Spartan men. Who on earth thinks of these ideas?

Even King Leonidas would be embarrassed by your desire for a pair of leather briefs. Rather of being plain old underwear, these baby dolls make a fashion statement that says, “I’m here to conquer the day… or maybe just the gym.”

Although these briefs may not appeal to everyone, the point of fashion is to express oneself. We don’t have anything against flaunting yourself in leather inspired by the Spartans if that’s your thing. Just keep in mind that sometimes you need nothing more than a pair of stylish leather thongs to confront life’s obstacles directly.

7 Headphones for 7DeadMau5’s Cats

You might be right about DeadMau5’s Cat Headphones if you’ve ever thought your feline friend has secret DJ aspirations. Here we are discussing a pair of headphones made just for felines, featuring “dog isolating technology” (because who wants their jam session interrupted by barking, right?). coupled with i4 Sound Engines, which guarantee your feline friend crisp highs and powerful bass.

Cats can become part of the elite club of music lovers for a cool thousand dollars. Rest assured, they are being used for a noble cause. These adorable headphones are designed to raise money for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Your furball will look dapper in its high-tech gear, and you’ll be helping a good cause at the same time. We both benefit!

Stranger things have happened in the pet goods industry, but we can’t guarantee your cat will begin rapping or reviewing the newest Billboard singles. It would be well worth it to watch your cat prance about with DeadMau5’s trademark beats on its head.

6 Cannibal Corpse Stalker Gloves

You need specific tools to carry out your stalking activities, correct? Among the most outlandish pieces of band apparel, Cannibal Corpse’ stalker gloves are unrivaled. For the simple reason that a pair of fitting black gloves is the quintessential death metal accessory.

With their unique blend of screams and guitar chords, Cannibal Corpse shows are like no other. A set of Stalker Gloves would be the perfect memento to wear in honor of the event. Even though these modest accessories won’t transform you into a rock star, they’re sure to turn heads at your next family reunion.

Cannibal Corpse, the undisputed kings of brutal death metal, wasted little time getting behind this offbeat merchandise concept. Despite their seeming ordinariness, the gloves exude an aura of sinister mystique—ideal for the enthusiast who desires to be understated while covertly harboring a fondness for trailing people.

5 Branding Iron by 5Ozzy’s BBQ

Edited and mixed at 1080 by Ozzy Osbourne – Fire in the Sky

From casually grilling burgers on a Sunday afternoon to physically branding your own meat—that’s how quickly life can change. It may come as a surprise, but the Ozzie Osbourne BBQ Branding Iron is genuinely for sale. An legendary branding effort by the Prince of Darkness has resulted in a set that will have your steaks shouting, “Rock on!”

Last but not least, a branding iron is an essential component of every BBQ. Grilling “Ozzy Rules” over a Porterhouse or New York strip is the ultimate heavy metal BBQ move.

This item is certainly unique and cool, but it’s also really audacious. You could be wondering, “Who would want an Ozzy Osbourne branding iron?” But we’re being honest: there’s no way you won’t feel like a rockstar in your own backyard once you light up that grill and start using Ozzy’s emblem. An important piece of advice is to “not bite off more than you can chew.”

4 The Harry Potter Vibrating Nimbus 2000 for number four

Vibrating broomsticks are a common feature in the strange world of Harry Potter products. It seems that someone at Mattel had the concept, “What if Harry had boarded his Nimbus 2000 for a Quidditch match and ended up on an entirely different thrill ride?” That you shouldn’t broadcast your every idea is reinforced by this.

Surprisingly, though, no one objected to it. The Harry Potter Vibrating Nimbus 2000 was Mattel’s 2001 attempt to shock the magical community. Mounted to it are vibrations that mimic “flying” motions, making it look like a real broomstick. Wouldn’t you say it sounds more like something from Zonko’s Joke Shop?

The Vibrating Nimbus 2000 was quickly withdrawn, as if it were a spell that was cast too early. Fortunately, it is still a part of the history of strange stuff, and you may still find a couple on eBay now. Even though it is no longer sold, its memory echoes through Hogwarts like a gentle hum.

3 The courageous D’s C*mrag

Tenacious D – Tribute (September 20, 2022, Milwaukee, WI) — Live performance by Jack Black and Kyle Gass

Those infamous rockers Tenacious D, famous for their outrageous activities, outrageous music, and, uh, dubious merchandise? You can put Tenacious D’s C*mrag on the “What were they thinking?” list alongside all the odd stuff out there.

Contemplate a table during a performance by them. In the middle of all the usual merchandise—T-shirts, LPs, and the like—sits the C*mrag, held up as if it were some perverted trophy. The C*mrag is a collectible for the courageous and daring, shaped like a golf towel (because, evidently, size matters even when it comes to novelty things). It is adorned with the band’s insignia.

The reasoning behind this masterpiece is puzzling. Was there ever a moment when the band members thought, “A c*mrag!” Isn’t that the moment our supporters have been anticipating? I mean, why not? If people will buy it, no problem. Indeed, Tenacious D has never wavered from following their own unique route, even though it does at times take them down dubious avenues.

“Now go, my son, and ROCK!” is what we pick up as Jack Black says.

2 Star Wars C-3PO Rolling Paper Holder

Old Sigma Japan Threepio Ceramic C-3PO Tape Dispenser from the Star Wars Threepio Collection, 1981.

Your desk is now slightly closer to the galaxy far, far away. A C-3PO Tape Dispenser from Star Wars is genuinely available there. You can always count on C-3PO—or at least his lower half—to save the day when you run out of tape on a Monday afternoon.

On this rare piece of vintage merchandise, the iconic golden protocol droid is shown perched atop a roll of tape. In need of some? Regardless, you need to free it from his underwear. Otherwise, human resources may come knocking on your door demanding that we label this as NSFW.

But you have to give props to Lucasfilm. As precise a depiction as C-3PO can be, it’s strange but entertaining. Why use a dull tape dispenser the next time you need to fasten something when you can enlist C-3PO’s help? I hope that sticky adhesive forces are on your side.

1 The Flaming Lips Trembling Fetus Ornament

My one true love handed me a trembling fetus ornament on Christmas morning.

After going through this list, I think it’s reasonable to say that we’ve saved the worst for last. Once again, the Flaming Lips have surpassed themselves. When you look at this 3-inch (7.6-cm) extravaganza, you’ll be confused and want to grab some Christmas lights.

Trembling Fetus Ornaments are intriguing and conversation starters thanks to their disturbing blend of curiosity and whimsy. This eccentric item, which was released as part of the band’s eccentric product collection, exemplifies their talent for exploring new frontiers beyond the realm of music.

So why a quivering embryo? Famous for their outrageous live shows and quirky album artwork, the Flaming Lips are masters of the unexpected. While you’re decorating your halls with fetuses next Christmas, keep in mind that The Flaming Lips have once again created the most bizarre ornament you’ve ever required for your tree.

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