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Top 10 Unsolved Horrors Relating to Valentine’s Day

By Trang Nguyen Mar 8, 2024

A lot of people commemorate their love union on February 14, which is a very cheerful date. This, however, is not to say that St. Valentine’s Day is devoid of ominous, tragic, and shadowy events. Actually, its name is associated with one of the most notorious murders in history. Here are ten additional tales of mysteries that occurred on Valentine’s Day: the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, in which seven rival gang members were cold-bloodedly murdered in 1929 by a band of Chicago mobsters thought to be working for Al Capone. It is reasonable to assume that some of these incidents stem from toxic relationships.

10. On Valentine’s Day 2007

Art and Lois Serrin visited their 39-year-old daughter Jodine at her condo. This visit turned out to be the murder of Jodine Serrin. Even though Jodine could live on her own, her parents still had to check in with her often because of her mental disability. The lights were on when the Serrins got to the condo that night, but the front door was locked and they couldn’t unlock it. When they continued to yell Jodine’s name and got no response, Art finally pounded on the door. Surprisingly, he found his daughter having intercourse with an unknown man when he entered her bedroom, which was dark. While Art and Loris waited in another room, he told the man to get dressed and go. Jodine still hadn’t shown up to meet her parents after a few minutes. The horrible image that greeted the Serrins upon their return to the bedroom was Jodine’s lifeless, naked body now lying on the bed. She was murdered by beatings and strangulation. Remarkably, Jodine’s assassin had the gall to kill her while her parents were still in the flat, and he had the audacity to escape before they could find out. Although DNA evidence was retrieved from the scene of the crime, the killer of Jodine Serrin has evaded identification and capture to this day. It is also plausible that the intercourse that occurred between Jodine and her assailant was not voluntary, and her parents inadvertently intervened while she was being raped.

9. Where Has China Rose Sims Gone?

The Case of China Rose Sims-Missing
On a business trip to the Philippines in February 1988, English furniture merchant David Sims wed China Rose, a woman twenty years his junior. The happy pair finally settled into a home in Southend after China returned to England with her new husband. Nevertheless, China confided in her sister that she wished to escape David’s violent behaviour as the marriage began to crumble. The last time anyone could confirm seeing China alive was at a family gathering on Valentine’s Day 1993, and she even claimed David had warned her he’d hire someone to kill her since it was cheaper than getting a divorce. China never got in touch with her family again, despite her desire to see her sick father in the Philippines. Not only did her husband mysteriously vanish, but so did China. David went missing without a trace after being last seen at the couple’s house about two months after China went missing. David cut off all communication with his two daughters from a prior marriage. Geoffrey Paston, who had lived with David and China in their Southend house, was eventually located by the authorities. Paston claims that David instructed him to sell the house and deposit the money into an account under the name “Anthony Peter Lewis.” A man purporting to represent David took about £40,000 of this sum, while at least £10,000 still sitting there untouched. Until either China or her husband are located, the case will remain unsolved, although there is significant speculation that she was murdered.

8. Marilu Geri’s Murder

Stephen Geri departed from his Houston residence for the workplace on the eve of Valentine’s Day in 1986. Marilu, Stephen’s wife, was supposedly still in bed when this happened. Stephen contacted Maria Serrato, Marilu’s mum, from his office a few hours later. Stephen invited Maria to their house to assist Marilu in getting ready for a party that day on the grounds that Marilu wasn’t picking up the phone. Maria went along with it, but she was stunned to learn her daughter had been killed when she got at the Geri residence. Marilu was hit four times by bullets fired from a.38 and a.22 calibre. Despite Stephen’s ownership of multiple firearms, none of which were used to shoot Marilu, and he appeared to possess an alibi, suspicion quickly shifted towards him when no indications of a break-in or robbery were found. But there were a few questionable points in Stephen’s alibi. On that particular morning, Stephen departed from the house at a somewhat earlier hour than normal to complete errands, stopping at multiple establishments such as a 7-11, post office, and doughnut store. Possible motivation may have been Stephen’s $400,000 insurance policy on his wife, which he had taken out the day before the murder. The following day, he went back to the same places, drawing attention to the fact that he had been there the day before. Accusing Stephen of murder, Marilu’s parents went to court to block him from getting the insurance money. Details of the out-of-court settlement, which the two sides finally negotiated, remain confidential. There has officially been no resolution to the murder of Stephen Geri’s wife because he has consistently asserted his innocence.

7. ‘Julie Valentine’04: A New Beginning

Greenville, South Carolina resident Glenn Hayward was out for a stroll in a field behind a shopping centre early on February 13, 1990. As a Valentine’s Day present for his wife, he set out in search of wildflowers. Many things were scattered across the field that day, and the spot had a reputation for being an unlawful dumping ground. A terrible stench wafted out of a Sears hoover cleaner box that Hayward discovered. Upon opening the box, Hayward discovered the lifeless body of a baby girl, wrapped in a blanket and surrounded by newspaper. There were remnants of her umbilical cord and placenta within the container. The baby girl was probably born around five days before she went missing and died around two days after she was found. Everything pointed to a healthy delivery, and the presence of food particles in her stomach suggested that she had received care during her gestation. The child was named “Julie Valentine” because authorities were unable to ascertain the child’s identify or cause of death. The sole significant clue was a glimpse of a man in a red Pontiac Fiero parked at the location three days before to the baby’s discovery. The youngster will be known as “Julie Valentine” until her identification can be confirmed, but no one knows if this man is involved with the case.

6. Nicholas Kunselman and Stephanie’s Murders

On April 20, 1999, thirteen innocent people were killed in one of the most notorious school shootings in history at Colorado’s Columbine High School. Ten months later, two further adolescent students were violently murdered. Nicholas Kunselman, a sophomore at Columbine High School, and his girlfriend, Stephanie Hart, were both sixteen years old. Nicholas had a job at a Subway restaurant close to the school. Another Subway employee happened to be driving by the shop just before 1:00 AM on Valentine’s Day when they observed the lights were on, despite the restaurant not being open. Both Nicholas and Stephanie were found shot to death behind the counter when the employee walked inside. Nicholas had been working the night shift, and Stephanie had dropped by the shop to see him before he closed up. Sometime later, an unidentified intruder ambushed them. Among the original Columbine victims, Rachel Scott, the sole piece of information that led to the discovery of the bodies was the sighting of an unnamed man leaving the store in a red jacket, which is an eerie coincidence in and of itself. It did not seem like robbery was the goal as nothing was taken. The killings could have been connected to drugs, since an investigation would show that a narcotics ring was active in the region at the time. After 16 years, the authorities still don’t know who killed Nicholas Kunselman and Stephanie Hart. Stephanie’s mother tried to sue the store owner, claiming that he permitted illicit drug use on the site.

5. Where Has Maureen Fields Gone?

The disappeared Maureen Fields was a member of the Nye County Sheriff’s Office and the NCSO on February 14, 2012.
On Valentine’s Day 2006, 41-year-old Maureen Fields arrived at her Pahrump, Nevada, workplace at Wells Fargo looking somewhat agitated. After warning her coworkers that “something’s going to happen” in her allegedly abusive marriage to Paul Fields, Maureen disappeared the next day. Her husband claimed she had left the house that morning for work, but she never showed up. The next day, in a desolate area of the Mojave Desert close to Death Valley, someone discovered Maureen’s deserted car wedged in the sand. There was initial speculation that she might have wandered into the desert and committed suicide after leaving behind her purse and other belongings, including a pair of tights. Additionally, a blanket was found on the ground with traces of blood and vomit. An empty Xanax pill bottle was also discovered. It appeared as though the scene was manufactured because her body never materialised and the pill container was fingerprint-free. The pantyhose tested positive for male DNA, but it did not match the leading suspect, Paul Fields. In 2012, the case took an unexpected turn when the DNA was revealed to match an older convicted sex offender called Keith Wayne Holmes. Holmes denied abandoning Maureen in the desert after having consensual intercourse with her when questioned about it. Although Holmes insisted on knowing Paul, Paul’s dementia had progressed to the point where he could no longer give clear responses. On April 4, 2014, Holmes passed away while receiving hospice care while incarcerated. Despite the lack of clarity surrounding his wife’s disappearance, Paul Fields remains the primary suspect.

4. The Unsolved Case of Antonio Saldivar’s Death

Antonio Saldivar, a 17-year-old from Houston, stole his mom’s car and drove to see his girlfriend at 6:00 in the afternoon on February 14, 2014. He had a teddy bear in mind to give her on Valentine’s Day. After Antonio failed to adhere to his curfew that evening, his mother frantically tried to reach him via phone and text. Antonio informed his mother that he was on his way home when he finally answered the phone at 4:00 in the morning. In the span of thirty minutes, Antonio destroyed his mother’s car when he slammed it into a concrete pillar. Strangely, Antonio’s shoes were left behind in the car at the accident scene, but no one could find Antonio at the scene of the accident. Antonio remained missing until February 27, when a worker at a scrap metal plant in Texas found his body trapped underwater beneath a dock in the Houston Ship Channel. Nearly three kilometres, or two miles, from the site of the collision, he was discovered. A number of unusual aspects didn’t line together, but it’s possible that Antonio grew disoriented before wandering away and drowning. One eyewitness reported seeing a dark SUV slam Antonio’s vehicle into a pillar; as a result, the Valentine’s Day teddy bear was discovered inside his pants, between his knees. Antonio never did reach his girlfriend’s house that night. As for Antonio, he was located in a restricted area close to the scrap metal plant, which the search volunteers had been unable to approach. I don’t understand how his corpse got there. In the wake of Antonio Saldivar’s death, his loved ones are still trying to piece together what happened.

3. Assassination of Rundle Family Members

Detrick, 12, and Melanie, 10, were living with their mother, Cassandra Rundle, who was 37 years old and had been through two divorces. They lived in Colorado Springs. For Valentine’s Day, Cassandra’s second ex-husband showed up at her house on the morning of February 14 to give her an album. He was horrified to learn that the entire family had been ruthlessly killed. On her bed, police discovered Cassandra’s naked corpse. Prior to her strangulation, she had endured shackling, rape, and beatings. Melanie was raped and strangled before her body was discovered in her bedroom. Detrick was brutally murdered in his own bedroom; Melanie’s chamber, which had the marks of a violent altercation before to her passing, also contained a shattered skull. An unkempt hockey stick, which had been wielded as a weapon against all three members of the family, lay beside him. In the months leading up to her death, Cassandra had placed personal ads in a local newspaper. It appeared probable that Detrick had gone outside that morning before the killer came and returned to the house while the murders were taking place. Despite reaching out to multiple men and receiving over 80 responses, she was unable to establish a connection between any of them with the murders. Philip E. Wilkinson, a former soldier awaiting execution in North Carolina for the quadruple murder of a woman and her two children in 1992, is another person of interest. There were some parallels to the Rundle killings in that incident, but Wilkinson was never charged with anything. Even after 30 years, no one has found a solution to these heinous killings.

2. Where Has Marcy Jo Andrews Gone?

Two female pals and 24-year-old Marcy Jo Andrews celebrated Valentine’s Day 1984 at Casey Nowicki’s flat in Chicago. Andrews’ ankle was hurt when Nowicki slammed into a bridge while transporting the women home. While Nowicki escorted Andrews to the hospital in a cab, he handed over the keys to his car to her friends and instructed them to contact a tow truck. Afterwards that evening, the ladies contacted Nowicki’s residence and had a conversation with Andrews, who appeared terrified and said that Nowicki had never accompanied her to the emergency room. It was at this point when Andrews’s friends lost all contact with her. A number of times during the following days, they tried to get into Nowicki’s flat, but he insisted Andrews had already departed and wouldn’t let them in. Upon being informed by the authorities, Nowicki reiterated his previous statements and denied any knowledge of Andrews’s location. It wasn’t until 2000 that Nowicki was formally charged with Andrews’s murder. The prosecution contended that Nowicki returned to Andrews’ flat, where he allegedly administered THC to her in order to facilitate his sexual assaults. Multiple eyewitnesses who testified on behalf of the prosecution said they saw Andrews in Nowicki’s flat in the days after the accident. One eyewitness, Michael John Panisi, saw Andrews naked and bound to a radiator before witnessing her lifeless body on the floor. While Panisi asserted that Nowicki intentionally overdosed Andrews with THC before disposing of her body, Nowicki’s legal team cast doubt on the reliability of prosecution witnesses due to their criminal records and the bribes they received. But Nowicki was nonetheless found guilty of murder and rape and given a life term in jail. Despite this, the whereabouts of Marcy Jo Andrews’s corpse remain unknown.

1. Billy Trimbach’s Assassination

Stoneham, Colorado was the site of Billy and Cindy Trimbach’s 1992 Valentine’s Day wedding. Billy was discovered shot dead on the edge of a frontage road outside of Wiggins, around 80 kilometres (50 km) from Stoneham, on the date of their first anniversary. Curiously, the sheriff who was looking into the case happened to be driving along the same road right before Billy was discovered. He may have unwittingly drove past the murderer while they were disposing of Billy’s body, as he recalled seeing numerous automobiles at that location. Cindy Trimbach, who had received a $500,000 life insurance policy upon her husband’s death, was the focus of the investigation. There was physical evidence inside Cindy’s car that pointed to a possible presence of Billy’s body. Under the cloud of suspicion, Cindy relocated to Butte, Montana, with James, her son from a prior marriage, who is 10 years old. A shocking conclusion would soon be added to this story. An report regarding Billy Trimbach’s murder that appeared in a Butte newspaper in April 1994 named Cindy as a possible suspect. An 11-year-old called Jeremy Bullock ridiculed James about this on the school playground. After Cindy’s untimely death in 1996, James resorted to violence, fatally shooting Jeremy. James was subsequently transferred to a juvenile facility for the incident. Speculation has persisted for some time that Cindy had someone else kill Billy on her behalf, and one drug dealer has even gone so far as to boast about being involved. The complete circumstances behind Billy Trimbach’s death, however, remain a mystery.

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