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Top 12 Outstanding Science Fiction Films of the 1960s

By Thao Pham Mar 13, 2024

12 Journey to the Ocean’s Bottom

Iro-Cascade5As a US nuclear submarine tries to put out the “skyfire,” the Van Allen radiation belt catches fire. The scenario presented in Voyage is still well-liked even if the science is completely refuted (the Van Allen belt had just been found, and the science in the film was mostly conjecture).Purchase this DVD on

11 Fahrenheit 451

In this dystopian future rendition of the Bradbury classic, “firemen” are hired to burn books. Interesting side note: Bradbury, who obviously knew best of all, claimed that the book was about how television ruins a love of reading. However, supporters and English instructors have insisted on claiming that it was censorship all along.Purchase this DVD on

10 The Forsaken

The Horrible 1963 FilmCriminals find a hidden facility housing kids who are meant to be released “when the time is right.” This British film, which was once tightly restricted, has a slow beginning but a disturbing ending.Purchase this DVD on

9 La Jette

La Jette 02In this little French film, people travel back in time to retrieve food, medicine, and other necessities in a post-nuclear war world. A time traveller is interested in learning the details of a violent historical event. The Twelve Monkeys, a Bruce Willis/Brad Pitt movie, took a lot of inspiration from it.

8 Charly

An experimental treatment programme is used to improve the mental retardation of a guy. For his role, Cliff Robertson was awarded the Oscar for best actor.Purchase this DVD on
Seven Stranded

A fantastic fictional account of an emergency in space during the Apollo programme may be found in Nancykovack

7 Marooned

Four months after the first lunar landing, this older effort is worth seeing if you enjoyed Apollo 13. Partially confusing, but definitely worth viewing.

6 Alphaville

The fascinating French film Alphaville blends elements of film noir with a bleak dystopian universe in which artificial intelligence controls Paris by forbidding emotion and independent thought.

5 Wonderful Journeys

Sffavoy Fantastic Voyage is an entertaining and engrossing ride overall, despite certain completely nonsensical aspects (wouldn’t some “abandoned” items return to normal size, killing the patient?).

4 The Final Human Being on Earth

Richard Matheson’s initial draft of his book “I Am Legend” was excellent. In this Italian film, Vincent Price plays the lead role of a scientist who, during the day, hunts vampires and, at night, tries to find a cure for the plague. Not to be outdone until the 2007 rendition by Will Smith.

3 The Time Machine

A noteworthy, amusing, and exhilarating journey through time, The Time Machine is a somewhat more faithful adaptation of an H.G. Wells novel than 1953’s War of the Worlds. It also incorporates some current aspects. I adore the last line, when Philby, the friend of the time traveller, asks what books you would bring with you to start civilization over in the future.

2 1968’s Planet of the Apes

Apes 1968 Bg”You damn dirty ape, get your dirty stinking paws off me!” All right, you HAVE to see this movie if you’re unaware of either of those lines or of the shockingly unexpected finale. With the exception of “Conquest,” all of its successors including the 2000 Tim Burton remake are far inferior to it. Although it differs from the first book, it is nonetheless renowned in its own right.

1 2001: A Journey Through Space

Did you not realise that this would be the first? It’s the pinnacle of all “serious” science fiction films and stands much above the majority of other films from any decade.


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