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Top 25 The Most Horror-Filled Serial Killers Who Shocked

By Thao Pham Feb 19, 2024

25. Rang Xinhai

Yang, the “Monster Killer,” has committed more serial killings than any other serial killer in China’s history. Using tools like shovels, butcher cleavers, and axes, he would sneak into homes at night and kill everyone within. Between 1999 and 2003, he admitted to carrying out 67 homicides and 23 rapes. He met his untimely end in 2004.

24. A. Yu. Pavlyuchkin

He went by the moniker “Chessboard Killer” after claiming his goal was to “complete the chessboard” by eliminating 64 individual targets. He hammered men’s skulls and stuffed vodka bottles into the holes to kill them; his victims were mostly men living on the streets. He had already been found guilty of 48 counts of murder when he was caught for 49; however, he petitioned a Russian court to increase the number of victims to 60 by adding 11 more.

23. Barbosa, Daniel Camargo

Camargo, who went by the moniker “the Sadist of Chanquito,” murdered hundreds of women, most of them young girls, in several South American nations. More than 150 teenage girls were allegedly raped and murdered by him in the 1970s and 1980s. People who know Camargo best say that he is “highly intelligent” and an avid reader. Luis Masache Narvaez, who happened to be one of his victims’ nephews, ended up killing him.

22. Andrei Chikatilo

“When I used my knife, it brought psychological relief,” he reportedly said, earning him the nickname “Butcher of Rostov.” Eventually, I will have to crumble. Naturally, I was an error. At least 52 people lost their lives because of Andrei, a philology-degreed ex-communist party member.

21. Pedro Alonzo Lopez

Even though he was known as the “Monster of the Andes,” Pedro murdered a large number of girls in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. Over 300 individuals may have died at his hands. He was released in 1998 despite his crimes, and nobody knows where he is now.

20. Anna Onoprienko

An assortment of monikers, including “The Butcher of Ukraine,” “Terminator,” and “Citizen O.,” were used to describe Anatoly. He slaughtered innocent bystanders as he made his way across Europe. Although he has admitted to killing 52 individuals, the exact number of victims is still a mystery. His previous statements include the following: “he was a superior human specimen chosen…to kill his fellow human beings.”

19. Charles Edmund Cullen

Charles was a nurse who was known as the “Angel of Death” because he used illegal narcotics to murder his patients. While he was a night nurse for 16 years, he murdered at least 40 patients and could have killed many more, according to the authorities. As a child, Cullen had it rough. People have said he was a “intelligent but odd” “weedy, pale kid.” He tried suicide because he was the target of bullying from his peers. Several life sentences were handed down to him.

18. Ahmad Suradji

The “Black Magic Killer”—Ahmad Suradji—was an Indonesian cattle breeder who murdered forty-two young women and then buried them up to their waists in a field, making sure that their heads were facing his house. Evidently, he thought this would bestow superpowers upon him. In July of 2008, Suradji was put to death by firing squad.

17. Kearney, Patrick Wayne

Patrick earned the moniker “Trash Bag Killer” due to his practice of disposing of his victims’ remains along highways in California, with the bags used as coverings.

16. Ridgway, Gary

Notorious serial killer Gary Ridgway is infamous for murdering prostitutes; he goes by several aliases. He asserts that he has murdered 75–80 women, however he was found guilty of 49. Gary, like Dennis Raider, appeared to be an ordinary individual from the outside. He had three wives and lived in a peaceful area where he was well-respected by his neighbors. He would also take his son camping.

15. Garavito, Luis

Luis, one of the most heinous serial murderers in history, was dubbed “La Bestia” (The Beast) by the Colombian media. He has 140 young lads to blame for their murders and rapes. But there are estimates that put the number of his casualties at well than 300. Luis preyed on children (often aged eight to sixteen) by offering them food, money, and even a monk’s costume as a bait. Luis sexually assaulted, tortured, and eventually slashed the throat of his victim at a remote location.

14. Dennis Raider

Dennis Raider was, at least on the outside, the kind of guy you’d expect to be a family man, a churchgoer, and a nice neighbor—but that was only the surface. In his infamous murder spree, Dennis Raider—also known as the “BTK killer”—is held accountable for the demise of ten individuals, four of whom were members of the Otero family. Raider evaded capture until 2005, despite the fact that the killings had started in 1974.

13. Pedro Rodriguez and his son

Pedro Rodriguez Filho gained fame as “Killer Petey” or “Pedrinho Matador” after he shot and killed cocaine dealers in his hometown. Pedro, one of Brazil’s most notorious serial murderers, is believed to have murdered at least 70 people, including 40 in prison. According to reports, Pedro murdered at least ten individuals, including his town’s vice-mayor, before becoming eighteen years old. The fact that Pedro’s father had murdered his mother caused him to murder his own father.

12. The Haunted Man

Jack the Ripper, dubbed “the world’s most infamous killer,” caused havoc in London in 1888. The horrific dismemberment of five women and their subsequent deaths are allegedly his doing. As one of the most baffling enigmas, Jack evaded capture and identification.

11. Handsome Lynn’s Tommy

The Texas serial murderer Tommy Lynn Sells is responsible for the deaths of over 70 individuals. However, the girl, who was just 10 years old when he broke into her room and stabbed her multiple times, managed to live and eventually assisted the police in locating him. Allegedly, Sells’s addiction to killing began when he was just fourteen years old. As far as Sell is concerned, he personifies hatred. “You see hatred in my eyes whenever you look at me…”What exactly is love?

10. John George Haigh

Haigh, who went by the moniker “Acid Bath Murderer,” murdered wealthy individuals and then disintegrated their remains in acid baths situated in a warehouse. After that, he used fake documents to sell their possessions. He asserted he had killed nine individuals, although only six have been positively identified as his victims. On August 10, 1949, he was hung in Wandsworth jail in London, having been sentenced to death.

9. John Wayne Gacy

Gacy, who went by the moniker “Killer Clown” because to his penchant for clown costumes, murdered 33 men and boys. He grew up with a violent father who called him a “sissy” frequently. After that, he severed connections with his family and stopped going to school. Gacy began his killing spree in August 1967 with the death of Tim McCoy and continued until December 1978. He was put to death by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.

8. Abdel Rehim Mansour Ramadan

Mansour, alias “al-Tourbini” (“The Express Train”), was a notorious Egyptian serial murderer. He preyed upon destitute youths, particularly boys, on multiple trains in and around Cairo. He would thereafter defecate on the train or even bury them while they were still alive.

7. Jeffrey Dahmer

It is an understatement to say that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most troubled individuals in the world. It sickens me that Jeffrey was so brutal to his victims. One victim was subjected to a corrosive acid injection after Jeffrey bored a hole into his skull. The victim was alive at the time this occurred. Skinning and crushing the bones of another victim was his specialty. From 1978 until 1991, Jeffrey committed 17 heinous murders, killing a total of 17 men. Christopher Scarver, a fellow prisoner who asserted that Dahmer “crossed the line…,” murdered him after he was convicted and given sixteen life sentences.

6. Ted Bundy and

Serial murderer Ted Bundy, who was born on November 24, 1946, is among the most notorious figures in American history. The “charming, articulate, and intelligent young man” concealed a monstrosity beneath his seemingly normal and attractive exterior. Ted preyed on vulnerable college women, gaining their trust by pretending to be injured (using a cast) and then placing them in dangerous situations where he could do harm or perhaps murder them. Additionally, he would engage in sexual relations with the remains of his victims that he dug up. January 24, 1989 was the date of his execution by electric chair.

5. Aileen Wuornos

An iconic female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos was born on February 29, 1956. While still a teenager, Aileen’s grandfather sexually molested her, and she went on to earn a livelihood as a sex worker. Her mother left Aileen and her older brother Keith to their grandparents, and her father committed suicide while doing time for child molestation. Between the years 1989 and 1990, Aileen was a prostitute in Florida, where she murdered seven men. The lethal injection that put her to death took place in 2002.

4. Tokumitsu Miyazaki

Tsutomu was a serial murderer from Japan known as the “Human Dracula” for his practice of kidnapping, murdering, and having sex with the bodies of young girls. His moniker alludes to the fact that he occasionally drank their blood. Once, he murdered a 4-year-old girl and dumped her charred remains at her parents’ doorsteps. The year 2008 saw Miyazaki’s execution.

3. Cade Maake

Cedric was a notorious serial murderer in South Africa. He was known as the “Wemmer Pan serial killer” because to the neighborhood in the south of Johannesburg where the majority of his murders occurred. In addition to his 27 murder convictions, Maake also faced 26 attempted murder counts, 41 armed robbery counts, 14 rape charges, and a handful of lesser offenses. Maake got a term of 1,340 years because South Africa does not use the death penalty.

2. William Bonin

Bonin, worse known as the “Freeway Killer,” was an especially savage murderer. He admitted to abusing, murdering, and torturing twenty-one youths. He wrote letters to his victims’ families throughout his sentencing that described the pain his victims endured at his hands. His friends and acquaintances said he had a “insatiable lust for young men.” A violent father was Bonin’s childhood companion. In addition, while residing in a detention institution in Connecticut, Bonin was sexually molested when she was eight years old.

1. A man named Paul John Knowles

At least 18 individuals have died at the hands of Knowles, who goes by the moniker “The Casanova Killer” (but he asserts responsibility for 35 fatalities). Originally from Orlando, Florida, he spent his first stint behind bars for misdemeanors when he was just 19 years old. But Knowles began a killing spree on July 26, 1974, and it continued until November 21, 1974. As he continued to flee, cops shot him.

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